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Samsung Cellular Phone Batteries and Chargers

Find cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers and power adapters for your cell phone quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your cell phone model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers and adapters meet or exceed factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of cell phone manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement cell phone batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
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1120965 - Intensity II (Gray) Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G (White) [Sprint] Profile SCH-R580 SGH-I727
1121081 - Intensity II (Blue) Galaxy S II HD LTE Propel SGH-I757M
2414049 - Galaxy Prevail Galaxy S II I91000 Propel Pro SGH-I777 (AT&T)
3386094 - Galaxy S II (AT&T) Galaxy S II SGH-I777 (AT&T) Rant SGH-I827
3529199 - Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II SGH-T989 (T-Mobile) Rant SPH-M540 SGH-I827 (Galaxy Appeal)
3756349 - Exhibit II 4G Galaxy S II Skyrocket Reality SGH-I847
3904141 - Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Galaxy S II Skyrocket (Black) Reality SCH-U820 SGH-I847 (Rugby Smart 4G)
4034387 - Galaxy S II Skyrocket Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G Reclaim SGH-I857
4569896 - Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-R920) Galaxy S II Skyrocket SGH-I727 Reclaim SPH-M560 SGH-I897
4674169 - Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (White) Galaxy S III Renown SGH-I907
4769894 - Brightside Galaxy S III (Black 16GB) [Verizon] Replenish SGH-I917
4778931 - Galaxy Note Galaxy S III (Blue 16GB) [AT&T] Repp SCH-R680 SGH-I927
4844551 - SGH-T245G Galaxy S III (Blue 16GB) [Sprint] Restore SGH-I937
5568676 - a157 Galaxy S III (Blue 16GB) [Verizon] Restore QWERTY SGH-I937OKAATT
5606621 - Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (AT&T) Galaxy S III (Blue) Restore SPH-M570 SGH-I997
5606803 - Galaxy S III Marble White (AT&T) Galaxy S III (Red) [AT&T] Restore SPH-M575 SGH-M300
5716681 - Galaxy S III Marble White (Verizon) Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) - Marble White (Verizon) Rogue SGH-M510
5717371 - Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (Sprint) Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) - Pebble Blue (Verizon) Rugby SGH-N105
5717486 - Galaxy S III Marble White (Sprint) Galaxy S III (SCH-I535) - Sapphire Black (Verizon) Rugby II SGH-N600
5717547 - Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (Verizon) Galaxy S III (SCH-R530) - Marble White (US Cellular) Rugby II (Black) SGH-N625
5870061 - Montage Galaxy S III (SCH-R530) - Pebble Blue (US Cellular) Rugby III SGH-N635
6581121 - Galaxy Stratosphere II Galaxy S III (SGH-I747) - Garnet Red (AT&T) Rugby Pro SGH-P107
6634985 - Galaxy Victory Galaxy S III (SGH-I747) - Marble White (AT&T) Rugby Smart 4G SGH-P207
6734957 - Galaxy Rush Galaxy S III (SGH-I747) - Pebble Blue (AT&T) S3370 SGH-P730
6929326 - Galaxy Note II (Titanium Gray) [AT&T] Galaxy S III (SGH-T999) - Marble White (T-Mobile) S5530 SGH-P735
6930804 - Galaxy Note II (Marble White) Galaxy S III (SGH-T999) - Pebble Blue (T-Mobile) S5600 Preston SGH-P738
6941414 - Galaxy Note II (Titanium Gray) Galaxy S III (SPH-L710) - Marble White (Sprint) S5690 SGH-R225
6963055 - Galaxy Note II (Marble White) Galaxy S III (SPH-L710) - Pebble Blue (Sprint) S6700 SGH-R225M
6963064 - Galaxy Note II (Titanium Gray) Galaxy S III (White 16GB) [AT&T] S7220 Ultra b SGH-S105
7209046 - Galaxy Victory 4G Galaxy S III (White 16GB) [Sprint] S7220 Ultra Classic SGH-S307
9263076 (Gusto SCH-U360) Galaxy S III (White 16GB) [Verizon] S7350 SGH-T101G
9263076 - Gusto 2 Galaxy S III (White) S7350 Ultra s SGH-T105G
9696489 - SGH-T139 Galaxy S III 4G (AT&T) S8000 Jet SGH-T109
a157 Galaxy S III 4G (AT&T) (White) S8000H SGH-T119
A460 Galaxy S III 4G (Blue 16GB) [AT&T] S8300 Ultra Touch SGH-T139
Accalim SCH-R880 Galaxy S III 4G (Blue 16GB) [Sprint] Saga SGH-T155G
Access Galaxy S III 4G (Blue 16GB) [Verizon] SAM-R720 SGH-T159
Acclaim Galaxy S III 4G (Blue) Scarlet SGH-T201G
ACE Galaxy S III 4G (Sprint) SCH-1500 SGH-T209
Ace SPH-I325 Galaxy S III 4G (White 16GB) [AT&T] SCH-451 SGH-T219
Admire SCH-R720 Galaxy S III 4G (White 16GB) [Verizon] SCH-670 SGH-T229
Adorn Galaxy S III 4G (White 32GB) [Verizon] SCH-A310 SGH-T239
Alias Galaxy S III 4G (White) SCH-A460 SGH-T245G
Alias 2 Galaxy S Infuse 4G SCH-A500 SGH-T249
ATIV Odyssey Galaxy S Plus SCH-A530 SGH-T255G
Axle Galaxy S Plus I9001 SCH-A610 SGH-T259
B5722 Galaxy S SC-02B SCH-A630 SGH-T301G
B7300 Galaxy S SCL SCH-A645 SGH-T309
B7300C Galaxy S Super Clear LCD SCH-A650 SGH-T319
B7330 Galaxy S Vibrant SCH-A670 SGH-T329
B7610 Galaxy S3 SCH-A690 SGH-T330
B7610 Omnia Pro Galaxy S4 SCH-A790 SGH-T339
B7620 Giorgio Armani Galaxy SIV SCH-A837 SGH-T340G
B7722 Galaxy SL SCH-A870 SGH-T349
Beam I8520 Galaxy SL i9003 SCH-A890 SGH-T359
Beat DISC M6710 Galaxy Stellar 4G SCH-A930 SGH-T369
BEAT DJ (M7600) Galaxy Stratosphere II SCH-A990 SGH-T379
Behold Galaxy Victory SCH-i100 SGH-T401
Behold II Galaxy Victory 4G SCH-i200 (Galaxy Stellar) SGH-T401G
Behold SGH-T939 Galaxy W SCH-i400 SGH-T409
BlackJack II Galaxy Win SCH-I405 SGH-T429
Blade S5600v Galaxy Xcover SCH-I405U (Galaxy Metrix) SGH-T459
Blast Galaxy Y Duos SCH-i500 SGH-T469
Blue Earth Galaxy Y S5360 SCH-I510 SGH-T479
Bound Gem SCH-I515 SGH-T499
Bound A557 Gem SCH-I100 SCH-I515 (Galaxy Nexus LTE) SGH-T528G
Brightside Genie SCH-I515MSAVZW SGH-T539
Brightside Mobile Phone Giorgio Armani B7620 SCH-I770 SGH-T559
Byline Gleam SCH-I910 SGH-T589
C3200 Glint SCH-I919 SGH-T609
C3530 Gloss SCH-i920 SGH-T619
C5510 Gloss Strut SCH-I939 SGH-T639
C6112 Glyde SCH-LC11 SGH-T659
Caft SCH-R900 Gravity SCH-M828C SGH-T669
Caliber SCH-R850 Gravity 2 SCH-N330 SGH-T729
Caliber SCH-R860 Gravity 3 SCH-N370 SGH-T739
Captivate Glide Gravity 3 SGH-T479 SCH-R200 SGH-T749
Captivate Glide SGH-I927 Gravity Full Qwerty SCH-R210 SGH-T769 (Galaxy S Blaze 4G)
Captivate SGH-I897 Gravity Mobile Phone SCH-R211 SGH-T819
ChampC3300K Gravity Smart - Berry Red SCH-R300 SGH-T839
Character SCH-R640 Gravity Smart - Lunar Gray SCH-R310 SGH-T919
Chat B3410W Gravity Smart - Sapphire Blue SCH-R311 SGH-T929
Chrono SCH-R261 Gravity Smart SGH-T589 SCH-R335C SGH-T939
Cleo Gravity Touch SGH-T669 SCH-R355 SGH-T959
Code SCH-I220 Gravity TXT SCH-R400 SGH-T959D
Comeback Gravity TXT (SGH-T379) SCH-R410 SGH-T959V
Comment SCH-R380 Gravity TXT QWERTY SCH-R420 SGH-T989
Conquer 4G Gravity TXT SGH-T379 SCH-R430 SGH-V205
Continuum GT-I9000 SCH-R450 SGH-V206
Continuum SCH-I400 GT-I9000M SCH-R451 SGH-X105
Contour SCH-R250 GT-I9001 SCH-R455C SGH-X150
Convoy GT-I9003 SCH-R460 SGH-X200
Convoy 2 (SCH-U660) GT-I9020A SCH-R470 SGH-X208
Convoy 2 SCH-U660 GT-I9020T SCH-R500 SGH-X426
Craft GT-I9023 SCH-R520 SGH-X427
Dart SGH-T499 GT-I9088 SCH-R550 SGH-X450
Delve GT-i9100 SCH-R560 SGH-X475
Disney Mobile GT-I9100M SCH-R570 SGH-X478
DM-S110 GT-I9250 SCH-R580 SGH-X495
Double Take GT-I9250M SCH-R600 SGH-X497
DoubleTime GT-I9300 SCH-R610 SGH-X500
DoubleTime SGH-I857 GT-i9500 SCH-R630 SGH-X520
Droid Charge GT-N7000 SCH-R631 SGH-X530
Droid Charge SCH-I510 GT-N7102 SCH-R730 SGH-X630
E2100 GT-N7105 SCH-R760 SGH-X650
E2370 GT-S6102 SCH-R800 SGT-T469
E2550 Gusto (SCH-U360) SCH-R810 Shark S5350
E2652W Gusto 2 SCH-R880 Shift A242
Emporio Armani (M7500) Gusto SCH-U360 SCH-R900 Showcase a Galaxy S
Epic 4G H1 SCH-R910 Showcase i500
Epic 4G SPH-D700 Haven (SCH-U320) SCH-R915 Sidekick 4G
Epic 4G Touch Haven SCH-U320 SCH-R920 Sidekick 4G SGH-T839
Epix Highlight SCH-S720C Siren
Eternity Highnote SCH-U310 Skyrocket
Eternity II SGH-A597 Highnote SPH-M630 SCH-U320 Slash
Evergreen Hue SCH-U340 Smiley
Evergreen SGH-A667 Hue II SCH-U350 Smiley :) SGH-T359
Exclaim i5500 Corby SCH-U360 Smiley SGH-T359
Exclaim SPH-M550 i5700 Galaxy Spica SCH-U365 (Gusto 2) Smooth
Exec SCH-I225 i7500 Galaxy SCH-U380 Solstice
Exhibit 4G i8000 Omnia 2 SCH-U410 Solstice II SGH-A817
Exhibit 4G SGH-T759 i8000 Omnia II SCH-U420 Spex
Exhibit II 4G i8150 SCH-U430 SPH-A310
Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 i8510 innov8 SCH-U440 SPH-A400
Exhilarate i8520 Halo SCH-U450 SPH-A420
Factor SPH-M260 i8910 SCH-U490 SPH-A460
Fascinate i8910 HD SCH-U520 SPH-A500
Fascinate 4G I9003 SCH-U620 SPH-A560
Finesse I9088 SCH-U640 SPH-A580
Flight i9103 SCH-U650 SPH-A640
Flight II (A927) I917R SCH-U660 SPH-A680
Flight II SGH-A927 I919 SCH-U700 SPH-A790
Flight SGH-A797 I9220 SCH-U706 SPH-A840
FlipShot (Black) I939 SCH-U740 SPH-A900
FlipShot (Red) Illusion SCH-U750 SPH-A920
Focus Illusion SCH-I110 SCH-U750 (Alias 2) SPH-D600 (Conquer 4G)
Focus 2 Impact SCH-U810 SPH-D700
Focus 2 4G Impression SCH-U820 SPH-D710
Focus Flash Indulge SCH-R915 SCH-U900 (Black) SPH-D710 (Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G)
Focus Flash 4G Infuse 4G SCH-U900 (Red) SPH-D710ZKASPR
Focus Flash SGH-I677 Infuse 4G SGH-I997 SCH-U940 SPH-D710ZWASPR
Focus S Instinct SCH-U960 SPH-i300
Focus S SGH-I937 Instinct HD SCHI515MSV SPH-I325
Focus SGH-I917 Instinct HD SPH-M850 Seek SPH-i350
Freedom III SCH-R380 Instinct Mini S30 Seek SPH-M350 SPH-L700
Freedom SCH-R350 Instinct S30 Seek Touchscreen SPH-M220
Freedom SCH-R351 Instinct SCH-R915 SGH-1997 SPH-M240
Freeform Intensity SGH-A107 SPH-M310
Freeform II SCH-R360 Intensity II SGH-A117 SPH-M320
Freeom SCH-R260 Intensity III SGH-A127 SPH-M320ZSS
Galaxy 3 I5800 Intensity QWERTY SGH-A137 SPH-M330
Galaxy 580 I5801 Intercept SGH-A157 SPH-M340
Galaxy Ace S5830 Intercept Mobile Phone SGH-A167 SPH-M350
Galaxy Apollo i5801 Intercept SPH-M910 SGH-A177 SPH-M360
Galaxy Appeal Intrepid SGH-A187 SPH-M370
Galaxy Attain 4G Intrepid SPH-I350 SGH-A197 SPH-M390ZSAVMU (Montage)
Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-R920) Jack SGH-A226 SPH-M500
Galaxy Express Jack 2 SGH-A227 SPH-M520
Galaxy Gio S5560 Jet Ultra Edition SGH-A237 SPH-M530
Galaxy i7500 JetSet SGH-A257 SPH-M540
Galaxy Indulge Jitterbug SGH-A517 SPH-M550
Galaxy Indulge SCH-R910 Jitterbug J SGH-A637 SPH-M560
Galaxy Mega Juke U470 SGH-A657 SPH-M570
Galaxy Metrix Katalyst SGH-A687 SPH-M575
Galaxy Mini S5570 Knack SGH-A697 SPH-M580
Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) Lindy M5650 SGH-A727 SPH-M580 (Replenish)
Galaxy Nexus (Unlocked) M2310 SGH-A737 SPH-M610
Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) M2510 SGH-A747 SPH-M630
Galaxy Nexus 4G M300 SGH-A767 SPH-M800
Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE M3310 SGH-A777 SPH-M810
Galaxy Nexus SC-04D M370 SGH-A777 Blue SPH-M820
Galaxy Note M400 SGH-A777 Red SPH-M850
Galaxy Note 2 M500 SGH-A797 SPH-M900
Galaxy Note 4G M7500 Emporio Armani SGH-A827 SPH-M910
Galaxy Note 4G (Blue) M7600 BEAT DJ SGH-A837 SPH-M920
Galaxy Note 4G (Carbon Blue) Magnet SGH-A847 SPH-N400 (Silver)
Galaxy Note 4G (Ceramic White) Mantra SGH-A847 (Rugby II) SPH-X660
Galaxy Note 4G (White) Memoir SGH-A867 SPH-Z400
Galaxy Note i717 Mesmerize SCH-i500 SGH-A877 Stratosphere
Galaxy Note II Messager SGH-A887 Stratosphere 4G
Galaxy Note II (Marble White) Messager II SGH-A897 Stratosphere II
Galaxy Note II (Marble White) [Verizon] Messager II SCH-R560 SGH-A927 Stratosphere SCH-I405
Galaxy Note II (Titanium Gray) [AT&T] Messager III SGH-A997 (Rugby III) Stride
Galaxy Note II (Titanium Gray) [Verizon] Messager III QWERTY SGH-A997 (Rugby Pro) Stride SCH-R330
Galaxy Note II (Titanium) Messager III SCH-R570 SGH-C130 Strive SGH-A687
Galaxy Note II (Titanium) [Sprint] Messager Touch SGH-C207 Stunt
Galaxy Note II (White) Messager Touch (Cricket) SGH-C225 Stunt SCH-R100
Galaxy Note II (White) [AT&T] Messager Touch (US Cellular) SGH-C416 Suede SCH-R710
Galaxy Note II (White) [Sprint] Messager Touch SCH-R630 (US Cellular) SGH-C417 Sunburst SGH-A697
Galaxy Note II 4G Messager Touch SCH-R631 (Cricket) SGH-D307 Sway
Galaxy Note II 4G (White) Messenger Touch SGH-D347 SWD-M100
Galaxy Note II LTE MM-A900 SGH-D357 T139
Galaxy Note II N7100 MM-A900M SGH-D407 T259 (Blue)
Galaxy Precedent Moment SGH-D415 T359
Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C Moment SPH-M900 SGH-D520 T959
Galaxy Prevail Mondi SWD-M100 SGH-D730 Tint
Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820 Montage SGH-E105 Tocco Ultra Edition
Galaxy Proclaim Monte Bar C3200 SGH-E210 Trace
Galaxy R Monte Slider E2550 SGH-E218 Trance
Galaxy Rugby Pro Muse SGH-E250 Transfix
Galaxy Rugby Pro 4G MyShot SGH-E258 Transfix SCH-R730
Galaxy Rugby Pro 4G (AT&T) MyShot II SGH-E315 Transform
Galaxy Rush MyShot II SCH-R460 SGH-E316 Transform SPH-M920
Galaxy S Mythic SGH-E317 Transform Ultra
Galaxy S 4 Mythic SGH-A897 SGH-E335 Transform Ultra SPH-M930
Galaxy S 4 (Black Mist) [AT&T] N400 SGH-E380 Trender
Galaxy S 4 (Black) [Sprint] N7100 SGH-E500 Trender SPH-M380
Galaxy S 4 (White) [AT&T] N7102 SGH-E635 Trill
Galaxy S 4G Nexus S SGH-E715 (Blue) TwoStep SCH-R470
Galaxy S 4G SGH-T959V Nexus S 4G SGH-E715 (Silver) U370
Galaxy S Blaze Nexus S 4G SPH-D720 SGH-E870 U600
Galaxy S Blaze 4G Nexus S Mobile Phone SGH-E908 U700
Galaxy S Captivate Omnia i900 SGH-F258 Vibrant
Galaxy S Continuum Omnia II SGH-G810 Vibrant SGH-T959
Galaxy S Duos Omnia II SCH-I920 SGH-I317M VM-A680
Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+ Omnia Lite SGH-I337 VM-A740
Galaxy S I9000 Omnia PRO 4 B7350 SGH-i617 VM-A760
Galaxy S II Omnia Pro B7610 SGH-i620 VM-A820
Galaxy S II (AT&T) Omnia Touchscreen SGH-i627 VM-A840
Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Pixon12 SGH-i637 Wave 2 Pro S5330
GALAXY S II 4G Player Star SGH-I667 Wave 2 S5250
Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Preston SGH-i700 Wave 575 S5750E
Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (White) Prevail SGH-I717 Wave 723 S7230E
Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Profile SGH-I717RWAATT Wave II S8530
Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G (Black) Profile QWERTY SGH-I717ZBAATT Wave S8500
Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G (White)

Cell Phone Battery Tips and Information
At, find high quality cell phone batteries and chargers at competitive prices. We offer excellent customer service and product support for batteries and chargers. We carry many replacement batteries and chargers in stock and ready to ship out today. All aftermarket battery and charger products are specifically designed to be compatible with each specific cell phone model number.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Cell Phone Batteries

All of our cell phone batteries and chargers will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. Our aftermarket cell phone battery meets various UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification and safety standards, and comes with a full one year warranty. Each battery is made with only high quality Tier 1 materials and High Grade battery cells. Be aware of other online camcorder battery companies that sell cell phone batteries at very low prices. In most cases, low cell phone battery prices are a result of using cheap materials, which can yield poor quality cell phone batteries that underperform and can fail prematurely for your cell phone. At, we offer the best in quality and performance for cell phone batteries and chargers at competitive pricing.

Cell Phone Batteries Specifications

We carry a variety of replacement cell phone batteries that match or exceed OEM battery capacity. For some cell phone battery models, we offer a higher-capacity battery version that provides even more power, so that you can use your cell phone for extended periods of time per charge. Please check to see if a higher-capacity cell phone battery is available for your specific cell phone model.

replacement batteries are usually available in three different battery chemistry types: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) and Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium). Each battery type has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other. The majority of batteries you find today are Li-Ion for their light weight and long lasting battery characteristics. Please check your battery to see the type of battery chemistry.

The amount of power a cell phone battery contains is measured with three helpful ratings listed on the outside of the rechargeable battery. “W” (wattage), “mAh” (milliampere-hour), and “V” (voltage). The Voltage (V) should be almost the same between your OEM cell phone battery and your replacement cell phone battery. However, the wattage (W) and milliampere-hour (mAh) may be slightly higher than the OEM cell phone battery.

Cell Phone Charge and Discharge Rates

You can expect at least 500 discharge / charge cycles or two to three years of battery life out of your cell phone battery. The average amount of time it takes to recharge your cell phone battery will vary, depending on the type of cell phone battery. It normally takes one to three hours to full charge a cell phone battery, with at least 80% capacity being reached within the first hour. New technology with aftermarket cell phone batteries has increased battery capacities and increased charge / discharge cycles for longer cell phone battery lifetimes for your battery.

At, you can also find cell phone batteries and cell phone chargers for other manufacturers. If you can’t find your replacement cell phone battery, or would like to know if it is compatible with your cell phone model, please contact our customer service.

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