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Digital Camera Replacement Battery    
Digital Cameras
Batteries > Digital Camera Batteries > Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries

Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries and Chargers

Find Ricoh digital camera batteries, Ricoh digital camera chargers and power adapters for your digital camera quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your Ricoh digital camera model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries, Ricoh digital camera chargers and adapters meet or exceed Ricoh factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of digital camera manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
Browse List: Find Replacement Ricoh Batteries, Ricoh Chargers and Accessories

130Z Caplio R6 KR-5 III Date S30
35EF Caplio R7 KR10M ShotMaster 110
35EFL Caplio RDC-i500 L20 ShotMaster 130
35EFS Caplio RDC-i700 LX22 ShotMaster 130 Super
3PF Caplio RR1 LX22 Date ShotMaster 130-Z
4F20S Caplio RR10 LX25 ShotMaster AF
AD2 Caplio RR120 LX33W ShotMaster AF Super D
AF-2D Auto Data Back Caplio RR211 Mirai ShotMaster AFD
AF-40 Caplio RR230 Mirai 105 ShotMaster AFII
AF-5 Caplio RR30 Motor III ShotMaster AFP
AF-5D Caplio RR330 Myport 330 Super ShotMaster AFPD
AF2D Caplio RR630 Myport 330 Zoom ShotMaster FF
AF3 Caplio RX One Take ShotMaster FF20 Super
AF45 Caplio RZ1 One Take AF11 ShotMaster TRU-Zoom
AF5 CX1 One Take Zoom ShotMaster Ultra Dual
AF5 Dri Quartz CX2 Petite Zoom D ShotMaster Ultra Zoom
AF50 Easy II Power Grip Autowinders ShotMaster Ultra Zoom D
AF60 EFL R-EX105Z ShotMaster Ultra Zoom II
AF60D EFS R1 ShotMaster Ultra Zoom Super
AF60S Date FF Twin Date R10 ShotMaster Zoom 105 Plus Date
AF66 FF-10 Zoom R100 ShotMaster Zoom 70
AF66 Date FF-20L-20 R1E ShotMaster Zoom 70D
AF70 FF-30 DAF Super R8 SpeedLight 120
AF77 FF-300D RDC-2 SpeedLight 121A
AF7Z FF-3AF RDC-2006 SpeedLight 180
AFX FF-8NR RDC-2E SpeedLight 200
Auto Half EF FF-90 Compact RDC-3002 SpeedLIght 240
Caplio 300G FF10 Twin RDC-300Z SpeedLight 260P
Caplio 400G FF10 Zoom RDC-4200 SpeedLight 300P
Caplio 500G FF10D Zoom RDC-4300 SpeedLight 400
Caplio G3 FF20 RDC-5000 XF-30
Caplio G3s FF20 Wide Zoom RDC-5300 XF-30 Super
Caplio G4 FF3AF Super RDC-6000 XF-30E
Caplio G4 Wide FF70 RDC-7 XR-10M
Caplio G600 FF70D RDC-i700 XR-20SP Program
Caplio GX FF8WR RW-1 XR-M
Caplio GX100 FZ70 RX-700 XR-X
Caplio GX8 G700 RZ 105 Date XR-X 3000
Caplio Pro G3 500SE G700SE RZ 105 Zoom XR-X3 PF
Caplio Pro G3 GPS GR Digital RZ 700 XR-X3000
Caplio R1 GR Digital II RZ 770 YF-10
Caplio R1S GR Digital III RZ 900 Date YF-10 Date
Caplio R1V GR Digital IV RZ-1050 YF-20
Caplio R2 GR10 RZ-115 YF-20 Super
Caplio R3 GR1s RZ-125 YF-20D
Caplio R30 GR1v RZ-140 YF-20E
Caplio R4 GR21 RZ-3000 YF-20N
Caplio R40 GX200 RZ-700 YF-20X
Caplio R5 KR-5 III RZ-728 Zoom Super
Caplio R50

Ricoh Digital Camera Battery Information offers replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries and Ricoh digital camera chargers, all of which are in-stock and ready to ship out. Our batteries are made using the highest quality cells, and are sold at competitive prices. Our experienced customer support team is here to answer any questions you might have about our products and can finalize orders as well.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries

We at have replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries that not only contain high quality cells, but also provide safety to our customers. Each Ricoh battery meets certification standards such as CE, FCC, UL, and RoHS, and they also come with a one year warranty. Our replacement digital camera batteries will meet or exceed OEM power specifications.

Ricoh Digital Camera Battery Specifications

Each of our replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries are made from either Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). While each battery type differs slightly from the other, all three have proven universally accepted as leading battery types for digital cameras and other handheld accessories.

There are three numerical ratings on your battery that determine the power and capacity that your battery contains: “W” (wattage), “V” (voltage), and “mAh” (milliampere-hour). While the voltage between your old battery and new Ricoh replacement battery may stay the same, the wattage and milliampere-hour may change to become a higher value; this is because our products will either meet or exceed the original power specifications.

Specific digital camera models also offer a second type of replacement battery, indicated with an “H” at the end of the product name (ex: B-9667H). These are extended-capacity batteries, and will offer a significantly higher power capacity than both your original battery and our standard replacement battery. This means you will get longer use per full charge.

If you are not sure if your replacement Ricoh digital camera batteries are compatible with your digital camera, please contact our customer service.

Ricoh Digital Camera Charge and Discharge Rates

The total lifespan of a new digital camera battery should be an average of 500 discharge / charge cycles, or two to three years. A full charge will last one to three hours in the digital camera. Attaining a full charge will require a few hours of charge-time, but 80% capacity can be attained within the first hour. New technology is constantly being released about batteries; over the past few years, we’ve already seen an increase in life cycles and power capacities.

Popular Ricoh Digital Camera Models

We carry many popular Ricoh digital camera models include the AF, Caplio, CX, Databack, FF, GR, KR, LX, Myport, One Take, RDC, RZ, ShotMaster, ShotMaster Zoom, ShotMaster Ultra Zoom, XF, XR and YF models. At, you can find Ricoh digital camera batteries, digital camera chargers, adapters and accessories for all popular Ricoh digital camera models.

We also carry additional digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers for other manufacturers. If you have any questions on product compatibility for your Ricoh digital camera, feel free to contact our customer service.
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To find Ricoh Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Ricoh digital camera from the list above.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Ricoh Batteries, Ricoh chargers, Ricoh adapters and accessories.

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