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Digital Camera Replacement Battery    
Digital Cameras
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Nikon Digital Camera Batteries and Chargers

Find Nikon digital camera batteries, Nikon digital camera chargers and power adapters for your digital camera quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your Nikon digital camera model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement Nikon digital camera batteries, Nikon digital camera chargers and adapters meet or exceed Nikon factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of digital camera manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement Nikon digital camera batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
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1223361 7814051 - CoolPix S6500 Black CoolPix S01 Pink CoolPix S8200 Red (26289)
1223361 - CoolPix L22 Black 8124425 - CoolPix L28 CoolPix S01 Pink (26350) CoolPix S8200 Silver (26287)
1977039 8124434 - Coolpix L820 (Black) CoolPix S01 Red CoolPix S9
1977048 (CoolPix S3100) 8130135 - Coolpix L820 (Plum) CoolPix S01 Red (26348) CoolPix S9050
1978038 8130153 - CoolPix S9400 CoolPix S01 Silver CoolPix S9050 (26355)
1978038 - CoolPix S6100 Silver 9630389 - CoolPix S70 Champagne CoolPix S01 Silver (26347) CoolPix S9100
1987084 9630449 - CoolPix S70 Silver CoolPix S01 White CoolPix S9200
2044422 9765091 - CoolPix L22 Red CoolPix S1 CoolPix S9200 (Black)
2044422 - CoolPix S4100 Red Action Touch CoolPix S100 CoolPix S9200 Black
2044468 Action Touch AF CoolPix S100 Black CoolPix S9200 Brown
2044468 - CoolPix S4100 Plum AF210 CoolPix S100 Gold CoolPix S9200 Navy
2049039 AF400 CoolPix S100 Purple CoolPix S9200 Silver
2049039 - CoolPix L120 Black Anti-Cold Battery Pack CoolPix S100 Red CoolPix S9300
2422145 AW35 CoolPix S1000pj CoolPix S9300 Black (26315)
2422145 - CoolPix L24 Silver CoolPix 100 CoolPix S1100pj CoolPix S9300 Red (26316)
2422154 CoolPix 2000 CoolPix S1200pj CoolPix S9300 Silver (26314)
2422224 CoolPix 2100 CoolPix S1200pj Black (26278) CoolPix S9400
2422233 CoolPix 2200 CoolPix S1200pj Pink (26279) CoolPix S9500
2422279 CoolPix 300 CoolPix S2 D2H
2422303 CoolPix 3100 CoolPix S2500 D2Hs
2422367 CoolPix 3200 CoolPix S3 D2X
2422463 CoolPix 4100 CoolPix S30 D2Xs
2422472 CoolPix 4300 CoolPix S30 Blue D3
2422721 CoolPix 4500 CoolPix S30 Blue (26319) D3000
2423038 CoolPix 4600 CoolPix S30 Pink D3000 (13173)
2423047 CoolPix 4800 CoolPix S30 Pink (26318) D3S
2423056 CoolPix 5000 CoolPix S30 White D3X
2423311 CoolPix 5400 CoolPix S30 White (26317) D3X (25442)
2423311 - CoolPix P300 CoolPix 5600 Coolpix S31 D4
25454 CoolPix 5700 CoolPix S3100 D40
26108 CoolPix 600 CoolPix S3200 D40x
26213 CoolPix 700 CoolPix S3300 D5000
3055091 - CoolPix L120 Red CoolPix 7600 CoolPix S3300 Black (26310) D60
3125197 - CoolPix S1100PJ CoolPix 775 CoolPix S3300 Pink (26313) DB2
3131365 CoolPix 800 CoolPix S3300 Purple (26312) DB3
3131365 - CoolPix S6200 Red CoolPix 8700 CoolPix S3300 Red (26311) EF100
3131392 CoolPix 880 CoolPix S3300 Silver (26309) EF300
3131392 - CoolPix S6200 Blue CoolPix 885 CoolPix S3500 F-35mm
3131601 CoolPix 900 CoolPix S4 F-36 Motor Drive
3131601 - CoolPix S6200 Silver CoolPix 950 CoolPix S4100 F-36 With STD. Pack
3158925 CoolPix 990 CoolPix S4100 Plum F100
3158925 - CoolPix S6200 Pink CoolPix 995 CoolPix S4100 Red F250 With STD. Pack
3158934 CoolPix AW100 CoolPix S4200 F3 Motor Drive
3158934 - CoolPix S6200 Black COOLPIX AW100 (Orange) CoolPix S4300 F301
3166715 - CoolPix S8200 Black CoolPix AW100 Black (26290) CoolPix S4300 Black (26305) F4
3176102 CoolPix AW100 Blue CoolPix S4300 Plum (26332) F401
3176102 - Coolpix AW100 CoolPix AW100 Camouflage CoolPix S4300 Red (26306) F401S
3176102 - CoolPix AW100 Orange CoolPix AW100 Orange (26293) CoolPix S4300 Silver (26304) F401sQD
3176139 CoolPix AW110 CoolPix S4300 White (26307) F401X
3176139 - Coolpix AW100 Coolpix AW110s CoolPIx S5 F401xQD
3176175 CoolPix L1 CoolPix S50 F4S
3176175 - Coolpix AW100 CoolPix L10 CoolPix S50c F501AF
3176175 - CoolPix AW100 Black CoolPix L100 CoolPix S51 F801
3176209 CoolPix L105 CoolPix S51c F801S
3176209 - CoolPix S1200PJ Black CoolPix L11 CoolPix S52 F90
3176254 - CoolPix S1200pj Pink CoolPix L110 CoolPix S5200 F90D
3176281 CoolPix L12 CoolPix S52c F90S
3176281 (CoolPix S8200 Red) CoolPix L120 Coolpix S550 F90X
3176493 CoolPix L120 Black CoolPix S550 Black (26108) FE Motor Drive
3176493 (CoolPix S8200 Silver) CoolPix L120 Red CoolPix S550 Cool Blue FT-2 Motor Drive
3802038 - CoolPix S100 CoolPix L14 CoolPix S550 Graphite Black Fun Touch 2
3845096 - CoolPix S550 Black CoolPix L15 CoolPix S550 Plum Fun Touch 3
4004 Coolpix L16 Coolpix S560 Fun Touch 6
4145169 - CoolPix S100 Coolpix L18 CoolPix S6 L100
4145178 - CoolPix S100 CoolPix L19 CoolPix S6000 L135 AF
4760948 - D4 CoolPix L2 CoolPix S610 L19
4860498 - CoolPix S9300 Black CoolPix L20 CoolPix S6100 L20
4860586 - CoolPix S4300 Plum CoolPix L22 CoolPix S6100 Silver L35 AD
4860647 - CoolPix S3300 Silver CoolPix L22 Black CoolPix S610c L35 AD2
4861009 - CoolPix L26 Red CoolPix L22 Red CoolPix S620 L35 AF
4861063 - CoolPix L810 Black CoolPix L24 CoolPix S6200 L35 AF2
4863944 - CoolPix S9300 Silver CoolPix L24 Black CoolPix S6200 Black (26274) L35 AWAD
4863953 - CoolPix S9300 Red CoolPix L24 Red CoolPix S6200 Blue (26276) L35 AWAF
4864006 - CoolPix S4300 Silver CoolPix L24 Silver CoolPix S6200 Pink (26277) L35 TWAD
4864015 - CoolPix S3300 Red CoolPix L25 CoolPix S6200 Red (26275) L35 TWAF
4864033 - CoolPix S3300 Black CoolPix L26 CoolPix S6200 Silver (26273) MB-1 Pack
4864042 - CoolPix S3300 Purple CoolPix L26 Black (26298) CoolPix S630 MBB
4864051 - CoolPix S4300 White CoolPix L26 Red (26299) CoolPix S6300 MD11
4864079 - CoolPix S3300 Pink CoolPix L26 Silver (26297) CoolPix S6300 Black (26301) MD12
4864088 - CoolPix S4300 Black CoolPix L28 CoolPix S6300 Blue (26302) MD14
4864097 - CoolPix S4300 Red CoolPix L3 CoolPix S6300 Red (26335) MD15 Motor Drive
4864112 - CoolPix L26 Black CoolPix L310 CoolPix S6300 Silver (26300) MD2
4864121 - CoolPix L26 Silver CoolPix L4 CoolPix S640 MD2 Motor Drive
4864149 - CoolPix L810 Blue CoolPix L5 CoolPix S6400 MD3
4864158 - CoolPix L810 Red CoolPix L6 CoolPix S6400 Blue MD4
4883771 - CoolPix P310 Black CoolPix L610 CoolPix S6400 Purple Medical Nikkor
4883799 - CoolPix S30 White CoolPix L610 Black CoolPix S6400 Red MF10
4883817 - CoolPix S30 Blue CoolPix L610 Red CoolPix S6400 Silver MF10 Databack
4883826 - CoolPix S30 Pink CoolPix L610 Silver CoolPix S6500 N2000
4883844 - CoolPix S6300 Black CoolPix L810 CoolPix S6500 Black N2020
4883871 - CoolPix S6300 Silver COOLPIX L810 (Black) CoolPix S6500 Orange N4004s
4883899 - CoolPix S6300 Blue CoolPix L810 Black (26294) Coolpix S6500 Red N8008s
4883917 - CoolPix S6300 Red CoolPix L810 Blue (26296) CoolPix S6500 Silver N90s
6461186 - CoolPix S01 Silver CoolPix L810 Red (26295) CoolPix S70 Nice Touch
6498461 - CoolPix S01 Pink CoolPix L820 CoolPix S70 Champagne Nice Touch 3
6498513 - CoolPix S01 Red CoolPix L820 (Black) CoolPix S70 Silver Nuvis A20
6498568 - CoolPix S01 White CoolPix L820 (Plum) CoolPix S710 One Touch
6498647 - CoolPix L610 Silver CoolPix L820 (Red) CoolPix S7c One Touch 200
6498656 - CoolPix L610 Black CoolPix P1 CoolPix S8000 One Touch 300
6498665 - CoolPix L610 Red CoolPix P2 CoolPix S800c RD
6498683 - CoolPix S800c White CoolPix P300 CoolPix S800c Black RF
6498692 - CoolPix S800c Black CoolPix P310 CoolPix S800c Black (26358) RF 10
6560468 - D3X CoolPix P310 Black (26320) CoolPix S800c White RF 2
6901532 - CoolPix S9050 CoolPix P330 CoolPix S800c White (26356) SB-15 Motor Drive
6949856 - CoolPix S30 White CoolPix P330 Black CoolPix S8100 Sport Touch
7804063 - CoolPix S6500 Silver CoolPix P330 White CoolPix S8200 W35
7804106 - Coolpix S6500 Red Coolpix P60 CoolPix S8200 Black (26288) W35 Quartz Date
7804115 - CoolPix S6500 Orange CoolPix S01

Nikon Digital Camera Battery Information
With an experienced customer service team and competitive prices, delivers the highest quality replacement Nikon digital camera batteries and chargers. Our products are on-hand, ready to ship, and are designed to work with each Nikon digital camera brand and model number.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Nikon Digital Camera Batteries

Our replacement Nikon digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers will either meet or exceed OEM power specifications. Our products not only meet various certification standards such as CE, FCC, UL, and RoHS, but they also come with a complete 1 year warranty.

Nikon Digital Camera Battery Specifications

A battery’s chemistry is the chemical make-up; for digital camera batteries, the chemistry can be Li-Ion (lithium ion), Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium), or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride). All Nikon digital camera batteries will come with three different ratings: “V” (voltage), “mAh” (milliamps), and “W” (watts). These three ratings will determine the power of the battery and how long it will last.

If you are not sure if your replacement Nikon digital camera batteries are compatible with your digital camera, please contact our customer service.

Nikon Digital Camera Charge and Discharge Rates

The time it takes to charge your Nikon digital camera battery will vary between one to three hours. Most digital cameras will attain an 80% charge capacity within the first hour, and will be fully charged after the second or third hour. Though a fully charged battery will last differently depending on the digital camera, most batteries will last a few hours on a single charge.

Popular Nikon Digital Camera Models

We carry many popular Nikon digital camera models include the Action Touch, AF, CoolPix, D, E, EF, F, FA, FD, FE, FM, Fun Touch, L, L35, Lite Touch, Lite Touch Zoom, MB, MD, MF, Mini Zoom, N, Nice Touch, Nuvis, One Touch, One Touch Zoom, RF, W35 and Zoom Touch models. At, you can find Nikon digital camera batteries, digital camera chargers, adapters and accessories for all popular Nikon digital camera models.

We also carry additional digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers for other manufacturers. If you have any questions on product compatibility for your Nikon digital camera, feel free to contact our customer service.
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To find Nikon Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Nikon digital camera from the list above.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Nikon Batteries, Nikon chargers, Nikon adapters and accessories.

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