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Digital Camera Replacement Battery    
Digital Cameras
Batteries > Digital Camera Batteries > Fuji Digital Camera Batteries

Fuji Digital Camera Batteries and Chargers

Find Fuji digital camera batteries, Fuji digital camera chargers and power adapters for your digital camera quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your Fuji digital camera model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement Fuji digital camera batteries, Fuji digital camera chargers and adapters meet or exceed Fuji factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of digital camera manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement Fuji digital camera batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
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2293301 Endeavor 50AF FinePix F401 FinePix S8400W
2869927 Endeavor 60AF FinePix F401Zoom FinePix S8500
2969495 Endeavor Date 70 FinePix F410Zoom FinePix S8500 Black
3684985 FinePix Black FinePix F600 Zoom FinePix S8500 Red
4882211 - FinePix S4300 FinePix 1300 FinePix F601 FinePix S8500 White
4918122 - X-S1 FinePix 1400Zoom FinePix F601Zoom FinePix S9000Zoom
4918201 - FinePix HS25EXR FinePix 1500 FinePix HS10 FinePix S9100
4918265 - FinePix S4200 FinePix 200 FinePix HS11 FinePix S9500Zoom
4918371 - FinePix AX550 FinePix 202 FinePix HS20EXR FinePix S9600
4918413 - FinePix SL300 FinePix 2300 FinePix HS25EXR FinePix SL1000
4918431 - FinePix S4500 FinePix 2400Zoom FinePix IS-1 FinePix SL240
50AF Auto 10 FinePix 2600Zoom FinePix J80R FinePix SL245
50AF Auto 5 FinePix 2650Zoom FinePix M603 FinePix SL260
50AF Auto 7 FinePix 2800Zoom FinePix S1 Pro FinePix SL280
50AF Auto 8 FinePix 30i FinePix S1000fd FinePix SL300
5430444 - C1440W-RD FinePix 3800 FinePix S100FS FinePix SL305
7013111 - FinePix S2980 FinePix 40i FinePix S1500 FinePix X100
90 Ace FinePix 4500 FinePix S1600 Flash S Auto Focus
91 Ace FinePix 4700 FinePix S1770 Fotonex 10
9HD-M FinePix 4800Zoom FinePix S1800 Fotonex 15
A200 FinePix 4900 FinePix S1880 Fotonex 50
A203 FinePix 4900Zoom FinePix S2 Pro Fotonex 55
A220 FinePix 50i FinePix S20 Pro Fotonex 55AF
A225 FinePix 6800Zoom FinePix S2000HD Fotonex 60 AF
A2650 FinePix 6900Zoom FinePix S2500HD Fujica AF Date Flash
A303 FinePix A100 FinePix S2600HD Fujica Flash
Axia IX 10 FinePix A101 FinePix S2700 Fujica Flash Auto Focus
Axia IX 100 FinePix A120 FinePix S2800HD Fujica Flash II
AZ FinePix A150 FinePix S2900HD Fujica Flash S
AZ1 FinePix A170 FinePix S2950 Fujica HD-S
Big Viewfinder Auto 10 FinePix A175 FinePix S2980 Fujica Pocket Flash 250
Big Viewfinder Auto 35 Finepix A200 FinePix S2990 Fujica Pocket Flash 350
Big Viewfinder Date 35 Finepix A201 FinePix S3 Pro Fujica Pocket Flash 450
Big Viewfinder Date 60A FinePix A202 FinePix S3000 FZ 5
C1440W FinePix A203 FinePix S304 FZ 6 Tele
C1440W Black FinePix A204 FinePix S3100 HD-5
C1440W Red FinePix A205 FinePix S3200 HD-M
C1440W Silver FinePix A205s FinePix S3250 HD-R
Clearshot FinePix A210 FinePix S3300 HS25EXR
Clearshot 10 Auto FinePix A210Zoom FinePix S3350 Instax 100
Clearshot 50 AF FinePix A230 FinePix S3400 Instax 200
ClearShot 60 FinePix A303 FinePix S3450 Instax Mini 7
ClearShot 70 AF FinePix A310Zoom FinePix S3500Zoom MF Lens Shutter
Clearshot II FinePix A330Zoom FinePix S4000 Mickey Mouse
Clearshot Plus FinePix A340 FinePix S4050 MX 500
Clearshot Super FinePix A340Zoom FinePix S4200 MX-1200
Compact De Deluxe Lens Shutters FinePix A345 FinePix S4300 MX-1400
Date 60F FinePix A350 FinePix S4400 MX-1500
Digital In-Printer FinePix A360 FinePix S4500 MX-1700
Discovery 160 Tele FinePix A400 FinePix S4600 MX-1700 Zoom
Discovery 175 FinePix A500 FinePix S4600 Black MX-2700
Discovery 180 FinePix A600 Zoom FinePix S4600 Red MX-2900
Discovery 190 Zoom FinePix A610 FinePix S4600 White MX-4800
Discovery 60 FinePix A700 FinePix S4700 MX-4900
Discovery 80 Plus FinePix A800 FinePix S4700 Black MX-500
Discovery 90 FinePix A820 FinePix S4700 Red MX-6800
Discovery S1000 Date FinePix A825 FinePix S4700 White MX-6900
Discovery S600 Zoom Date FinePix A900 FinePix S4800 Nexa 30
DL-100 FinePix A920 FinePix S4800 Black Nexa 31
DL-120 FinePix AV100 FinePix S4800 Red Nexia 20 Auto
DL-15 FinePix AV105 FinePix S4800 White Nexia 31 Auto
DL-150 FinePix AV150 FinePix S5000 Nexia 60AF
DL-15D FinePix AV200 FinePix S5100Zoom Nexia 70 AF
DL-160 Tele FinePix AV205 FinePix S5200Zoom PhotoRama
DL-180 Tele FinePix AV230 FinePix S5500Zoom PicPal
DL-190 FinePix AV235 FinePix S5600Zoom Pocket 350F
DL-190 Zoom FinePix AV250 FinePix S5700 Pocket 450F
DL-20 FinePix AV255 FinePix S5800 Q1 Digital
DL-25 FinePix AV280 FinePix S6000 Q1 Digital 4.0 Ir.
DL-250 FinePix AV285 FinePix S602Zoom S4200
DL-25N FinePix AX200 FinePix S6500fd S4300
DL-30 FinePix AX205 FinePix S6600 S4500
DL-35 FinePix AX250 FinePix S6600 Red SL300
DL-500 Mini Wide FinePix AX300 FinePix S6600 White Smart Shot Delux II
DL-60 FinePix AX330 FinePix S6700 Smart Shot Plus
DL-7 FinePix AX335 FinePix S6700 Black Smartshot
DL-75 FinePix AX350 FinePix S6700 Red Smartshot BF
DL-8 FinePix AX355 FinePix S6700 White Smartshot Delux
DL-80 FinePix AX380 FinePix S6800 Smartshot III
DL-90 FinePix AX385 FinePix S6800 Black Smartshot Plus
DL-95 Super FinePix AX500 FinePix S6800 Red Smartshot Superior
DL-Plus FinePix AX550 FinePix S6800 White X
DS-7 FinePix AX650 FinePix S700 X-S1
DS230 FinePix E500 FinePix S7000 X100S
DS270 FinePix E500Zoom FinePix S8000fd X100S (Silver)
DX-10 FinePix E510Zoom FinePix S8100fd Zoom Date 1300
DX-5 FinePix E550Zoom FinePix S8200 Zoom Date 60
DX-7 FinePix E610Zoom FinePix S8300 Zoom Date 60EZ
DX-8 FinePix E900Zoom FinePix S8400 Zoom Date 76S
DX5 FinePix F10Zoom FinePix S8400 Black Zoom Date 90 Super
Endeavor 10 FinePix F30 FinePix S8400 Red Zoom Date 90EZ
Endeavor 20 Auto FinePix F31fd FinePix S8400 White Zoom Date S600
Endeavor 50

Fuji Digital Camera Battery Information offers replacement Fujifilm digital camera batteries of the highest quality. Our digital camera batteries and chargers are in stock and ready to ship out. These batteries are compatible with specific Fuji Film brands and models, but if you’re having trouble locate which battery is right for you, our expert customer service support team will be more than happy to help.

OEM vs. Aftermarket FujiFilm Digital Camera Batteries

Our replacement Fujifilm digital camera batteries and chargers will either meet or exceed OEM specifications, meaning your new aftermarket battery may last even longer than your original. Also, each Fuji digital camera battery meets RoHS, UL, FCC, and CE certification standards, to provide customers with the satisfaction of knowing that their battery is not only safe, but of high quality. These Fuji batteries also come with a one year warranty.

FujiFilm Digital Camera Battery Specifications

To help create a standard of measurement between batteries, three terms are listed on every battery: “W” (Watts), “V” (Voltage), and “mAh” (milliampere-hour). These units will help determine how much power your battery gives out and how long it will last. Typically, the voltage will stay the same as your original battery, but the milliampere/hour may be higher, thus providing you with a longer-lasting replacement Fujifilm digital camera battery. Your Fuji battery will also be made of one of three materials: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion); NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride); and Ni-Cad (Nickel Cadmium).

If you are not sure if your replacement FujiFilm digital camera batteries are compatible with your digital camera, please contact our customer service.

FujiFilm Digital Camera Charge and Discharge Rates

On average, our batteries will have a lifespan of two to three years, or 500 discharge / charge cycles. These approximations have gone up over the years, thanks to developing technology that not only lowers power consumption, but also extends battery capacity and life for your Fuji digital camera. A normal charging cycle typically takes one to three hours, depending on the digital camera and battery. Up to 80% of battery life will charge within the first hour, with the rest finishing up within the next two hours.

Popular FujiFilm Digital Camera Models

We carry many popular FujiFilm digital camera models include the 50AF, Axia, AZ, Big View finder, Clearshot, Discovery, DL, DS, DX, Endeavor, FinePix, Fotonex, Fujica, FZ, GA, GS, GX, HD, Instax, MX, Nexa, Nexia, Pocket, Q1, Smart Shot, STX and Zoom Date models. At, you can find FujiFilm digital camera batteries, digital camera chargers, adapters and accessories for all popular Fuji Film digital camera models.

We also carry additional digital camera batteries and digital camera chargers for other manufacturers. If you have any questions on product compatibility for your FujiFilm digital camera, feel free to contact our customer service.
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To find Fuji Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Fuji digital camera from the list above.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Fuji Batteries, Fuji chargers, Fuji adapters and accessories.

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