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Digital Camera Replacement Battery    
Digital Cameras
Batteries > Digital Camera Batteries

Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

Most Common Digital Camera Manufacturers
Canon Digital Camera Batteries Casio Digital Camera Batteries Fuji Digital Camera Batteries Kodak Digital Camera Batteries Konica Digital Camera Batteries
Nikon Digital Camera Batteries Olympus Digital Camera Batteries Panasonic Digital Camera Batteries Ricoh Digital Camera Batteries Sony Digital Camera Batteries

Select your Digital Camera Manufacturer - Digital Camera Batteries, Chargers & Accessories: is your top choice to find the best digital camera replacement battery selection at low cost prices. Our brand new replacement digital camera batteries and chargers are in stock and ready to ship. All of our digital camera products will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer power specifications. A full 1 year warranty is offered on all of our camera batteries and each battery is 100% compatible with its corresponding digital camera model.

We also carry digital camera chargers, power adapters and accessories for home and car use. Please select your digital camera battery manufacturer below to find a replacement battery, charger, adapter or accessory for your digital camera. Our categorized list can be searched by battery type and battery model.
All Digital Camera Manufacturers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z   
Accord Aito Ansco Argus
Achiever Akica Apex Aryca
AGFA Alfon Apple Asus
Batacon Bencini Beroflex Braun
Bell and Howell BenQ Boots Bronica
Camex Casio Concord Continental
Canon Chinon Contax Cosina
Dejur Dixons DXG Dynatron
Digital Dream Dominick Dycam
Edixa Elta Epson Exakta
Elikon Epoque Euroca Ezonics
Focal Fotomatic Franka Fuji
Foto Blitz
GAF GE Goko Goodmans
Gateway Gepe Goldline Graflex
Haking Herica Honeywell Hunter
Hanimex Hewlett Packard Horseman Hyundai
Hasselblad Hitco HTC
I/O Magic Imperial Insignia Itorex
Imado Indo InstaPlus ITT
JAY-tech JC Penney Jenoptik JVC
Kalimar Kinon Konica Minolta Kwinson
Keystone Kodak Konin Kyocera
Kinetic Konica
Largan Lavec Leica Lenon
Maginon Medion Minolta Miranda
Mamiya Micro Innovations Minox Mustek
Naigai Nikon Noris Nova
Nalcom Nisis
Oregon Scientific
Panasonic Phase One Polaroid Premier
Pentax Philips Porst Pretec Electronics
Petri Photo Sport Praktica Prinz
Pettica Platon
Rainbow Regula Revue Rokinon
RCA Revere Ricoh Rollei
Sakar Sealife Sinpo Sony
Samsung Sears SiPix Sound Vision
Sanyo Sharp Skina Spiratone
Scott Sigma Soligor SportMaster
Sea & Sea Simplex
Taron Toma Toshiba Tudor
Tekoni Topcon Trust
Visioneer Voigtlander

Select the manufacturer of your Digital Camera Batteries, Digital Camera Battery Chargers, Adapters and Accessories from the above list.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Digital Camera Batteries and Camera Battery Chargers.
Digital Camera Tips

Extending your Digital Camera Battery Life:
Digital cameras should be able to take pictures for the whole day without replacing the batteries. This can be accomplished by following a few power saving tips. Avoid using the LCD view screen to take pictures and use the viewfinder lens to take pictures. Try to avoid looking at your pictures after each shot is taken. Avoid leaving the digital camera powered up and idle when in between shooting photos. Zoom buttons can consume a battery quickly and should be used at a minimum. Avoid using the built in flash on the camera if the lighting is good. And most importantly, be sure to charge up your digital camera batteries to ensure maximum battery life for taking pictures when you need them most.

Charging your Digital Camera:
Digital camera batteries need to be fully charged before use. Digital camera batteries that are stored for a few weeks tend to lose their battery life and need to be recharged again before use. Some digital cameras use AA batteries and we recommend using NiMH or Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. NiMH AA batteries work great as a replacement battery for disposable alkaline AA batteries and almost perform as well as Li-Ion batteries. Rechargeable batteries are also better for our environment than using disposable alkaline batteries. External battery chargers also are available for custom digital camera batteries and AA rechargeable batteries (NiMH and Li-Ion) and should be purchased to charge your camera batteries. Be sure to carry multiple batteries on hand when taking a high volume of photos.

OEM Digital Camera Batteries VS Aftermarket:
Aftermarket batteries typically cost less than OEM digital camera batteries. offers aftermarket replacement digital camera batteries that meet or exceed OEM manufacturer power specifications. We offer a full 1 year warranty on our digital camera batteries and all batteries are 100% compatible with their corresponding digital camera models. Most of our digital camera batteries meet UL, FCC, RoHS and CE certification standards to ensure high quality and safe operation.

Recycling Digital Camera Batteries:
Recycling centers are available to dispose of used digital camera batteries, and these batteries should never be thrown away in a trash can. Most battery stores and electronics stores offer free recycling for used batteries and electronics. Federal law requires used Ni-Cd batteries to be managed as Universal Waste (40 CFR Part 273). The Universal Waste Rule prohibits disposal of Ni-Cd batteries in the trash and they must be sent for recycling. It is damaging to the environment if batteries are not recycled, and this should be considered before throwing away your digital camera batteries.

Be Careful with your Digital Camera Battery:
  • Digital camera batteries should never be exposed to extreme heat, moisture or rain.
  • Digital camera battery packs should never be dropped or abused as it may damage highly corrosive internal cell contents in the battery pack.
  • Do not short-circuit a digital camera battery pack to avoid damaging the digital camera itself and battery pack.
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