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Cordless Phone Battery    
Cordless Phone Battery Replacement
Batteries > Cordless Phone Batteries

Cordless Phone Battery

Most Common Cordless Phone Manufacturers
AT&T Cordless Phone Battery Bell South Cordless Phone Battery GE Cordless Phone Battery Panasonic Cordless Phone Battery Radio Shack Cordless Phone Battery
Sharp Cordless Phone Battery Sony Cordless Phone Battery Southwestern Bell Cordless Phone Battery Uniden Cordless Phone Battery V-Tech Cordless Phone Battery

Select the manufacturer of your Cordless Phone to find Cordless Phone Batteries: carries a wide selection of high quality cordless phone batteries in stock and at low cost prices. All of our replacement cordless phone batteries are brand new, in stock, and ready to ship. All of our wireless phone battery products will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer power specifications. A full 1 year warranty is offered on all of our cordless home phone batteries and each battery is 100% compatible with its matching cordless phone model.

All Cordless Phone Battery Manufacturers A P V   

Select the manufacturer of your Cordless Phone Replacement Battery from the above list.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Cordless Phone Batteries.
Cordless Phone Tips

Cordless Phone Battery Life:
Cordless phone batteries have come a long way with ever increasing battery life. We have a few more tips to ensure that your cordless phone battery lasts a long time and maintains a healthy charge for every conversation. Most cordless phones today come with different types of batteries ranging from Li-Ion, NiMH and NiCd batteries. Typical cordless phones have a talk time of up to 12 hours and can go several days off the charger. The lifespan of a cordless phone ranges between 1-3 years, depending how often the cordless phone has been used. Turning down the ringer and keeping the cordless phone off speakerphone will make the cordless phone last a lot longer while on battery reserve. Try to keep a close distance to the cordless phone receiver to avoid losing a signal and draining the battery quickly. Once the cordless phone battery is fully drained on power, make sure it is fully charged before re-use for a longer battery life. This prevents NiCd batteries, and to a lesser amount NiMH batteries, from having a “memory effect” problem. “Memory effect” happens when a cordless phone battery is not fully discharged and then over time it “forgets” it has additional battery capacity beyond the point when it was most recently discharged. “Memory effect” can be corrected for NiCd and NiMH batteries by fully discharging and recharging the cordless phone battery 2-3 times upon first use, and then repeating this once per month.

Charging your Cordless Phone:
Remote cordless phones should be fully charged before each use. When charging a cordless phone, be sure to put them in a cool spot to avoid extreme temperatures when charging. Cordless phones with a short battery life should be fully discharged and recharged 2-3 times to refresh the battery cells. If your cordless phone battery still doesn’t hold a charge, then a replacement battery might be necessary.

OEM Cordless Phone Batteries VS Aftermarket:
OEM cordless phone batteries carry a higher cost versus aftermarket cordless phone batteries. Aftermarket cordless phone batteries from will meet and exceed OEM manufacturer power specifications, are 100% compatible, and carry a 1 year warranty. Many of our cordless phone batteries meet UL, CE, FCC and RoHS test standards for safe and high quality battery products.

Recycling Cordless Phone Batteries:
Cordless phone batteries should be recycled when they have reached the end of their battery life. Never throw away a cordless phone battery in the trash can. These batteries can be recycled at most electronic and battery store for free. Federal law requires that used Ni-Cd batteries to be managed as Universal Waste (40 CFR Part 273). Disposing of waste Ni-Cd batteries must be sent for recycling under the Universal Waste Rule. Cordless phone batteries can be toxic and damaging to the environment and should be recycled.

Be Careful with your Cordless Phone Battery:
  • Do not short-circuit a cordless phone battery, as it may damage the cordless phone itself and battery pack.
  • Do not drop the cordless phone battery pack or create any sort of sudden impact that may damage the internal cell contents in the battery pack.
  • Do not expose cordless phone batteries to extreme heat, moisture or rain.
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