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Laptop Battery and Charger Replacement    
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Compaq Laptop Batteries and Chargers

Find Compaq laptop batteries, Compaq laptop chargers and power adapters for your laptop quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your Compaq laptop model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement Compaq laptop batteries, Compaq laptop chargers and adapters meet or exceed Compaq factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of laptop manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement Compaq laptop batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
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1114512 Presario 2101AP Presario CQ40-124AU Presario CQ61-403SF
1271897 Presario 2101US Presario CQ40-124AX Presario CQ61-404AU
1304516600 (CQ57-339WM) Presario 2102AP Presario CQ40-125AU Presario CQ61-405AU
320 Notebook Presario 2102EA Presario CQ40-125TU Presario CQ61-405AX
321 Notebook Presario 2102US Presario CQ40-126AX Presario CQ61-405EB
325 Notebook Presario 2103AP Presario CQ40-126TU Presario CQ61-405SA
326 Notebook Presario 2103EA Presario CQ40-128AU Presario CQ61-405SF
420 Notebook Presario 2104AP Presario CQ40-129AU Presario CQ61-405SO
421 Notebook Presario 2104US Presario CQ40-129TU Presario CQ61-406SA
470020-430 Presario 2105AP Presario CQ40-130TU Presario CQ61-406TU
4887164 (ProBook 6360b) Presario 2105CA Presario CQ40-131AX Presario CQ61-406TX
4887173 (ProBook 6360b) Presario 2105EA Presario CQ40-131TU Presario CQ61-407CA
4887182 (ProBook 4430s) Presario 2105LA Presario CQ40-132AX Presario CQ61-407EF
4889587 (ProBook 4535s) Presario 2105US Presario CQ40-132TU Presario CQ61-407SA
4895263 (ProBook 4530s) Presario 2106AP Presario CQ40-134TU Presario CQ61-407SF
4994988 (ProBook 6560b) Presario 2106EA Presario CQ40-135TU Presario CQ61-407TX
5990314 (Presario 2580US) Presario 2106US Presario CQ40-136TU Presario CQ61-408AX
610 Notebook PC Presario 2107AP Presario CQ40-137TU Presario CQ61-408EF
620 Notebook Presario 2107EA Presario CQ40-138TU Presario CQ61-409TU
621 Notebook Presario 2108EA Presario CQ40-139TU Presario CQ61-410EG
7125327 (Presario R4012US) Presario 2108US Presario CQ40-140TU Presario CQ61-410EM
7136253 (M2005US) Presario 2109EA Presario CQ40-141TU Presario CQ61-410SB
7247696 (Presario M2108US) Presario 2110AP Presario CQ40-142TU Presario CQ61-410SF
7281531 (Presario R4125) Presario 2110CA Presario CQ40-143TU Presario CQ61-410SG
7887584 (Presario V5204NR) Presario 2110EA Presario CQ40-146TU Presario CQ61-410TX
7888379 (Presario V5207NR) Presario 2110LA Presario CQ40-147TU Presario CQ61-410US
7964955 (Presario V5205NR) Presario 2110US Presario CQ40-148TU Presario CQ61-411TU
8121908 (Presario C307NR) Presario 2111AP Presario CQ40-150TU Presario CQ61-411TX
8209235 (Presario C501NR) Presario 2111EA Presario CQ40-151XX Presario CQ61-411WM
8532885 (Presario C714NR) Presario 2112AP Presario CQ40-152XX Presario CQ61-412AX
8648118 (Presario F756NR) Presario 2112EA Presario CQ40-300 Presario CQ61-412NR
8661897 (Presario C751NR) Presario 2113AP Presario CQ40-300 CTO Presario CQ61-414NR
8779583 (Presario F767NR) Presario 2114AP Presario CQ40-300LA Presario CQ61-414TU
8898348 (Presario A940NR) Presario 2114EA Presario CQ40-302AX Presario CQ61-415EG
9027698 (Presario CQ50-215NR) Presario 2115AP Presario CQ40-302LA Presario CQ61-415SA
9168063 Presario 2115EA Presario CQ40-302TU Presario CQ61-415SG
9168143 Presario 2116AP Presario CQ40-303AX Presario CQ61-415TU
9197022 (Presario CQ60-216DX) Presario 2117AP Presario CQ40-303TU Presario CQ61-416EG
9375936 Presario 2117EA Presario CQ40-304AX Presario CQ61-416SA
9375936 (Presario CQ60-417DX) Presario 2118AD Presario CQ40-304TU Presario CQ61-416SG
9576951 Presario 2118EA Presario CQ40-305AU Presario CQ61-416TU
9700678 Presario 2119EA Presario CQ40-305AX Presario CQ61-417SA
9755437 (Presario CQ60-422DX) Presario 2120AD Presario CQ40-305LA Presario CQ61-417SG
9980182 Presario 2120AP Presario CQ40-305TU Presario CQ61-417TU
A7J90UT (ProBook 6360b) Presario 2120EA Presario CQ40-306AX Presario CQ61-420SA
A7J91UT (ProBook 6360b) Presario 2120LA Presario CQ40-308AX Presario CQ61-420SG
A7J96UT (ProBook 6560b) Presario 2122AD Presario CQ40-309AX Presario CQ61-420US
A7K04UT Presario 2123AD Presario CQ40-310AX Presario CQ61-421SA
A7K07UT (ProBook 4530s) Presario 2123AP Presario CQ40-310TU Presario CQ61-421SG
A7K08UT (ProBook 4535s) Presario 2124AD Presario CQ40-311AU Presario CQ61-422SA
A7K09UTABA (ProBook 4730s) Presario 2124AP Presario CQ40-311AX Presario CQ61-422SG
A7K36UTABA (ProBook 4535s) Presario 2125AC Presario CQ40-312AU Presario CQ61-423SA
A916NR Presario 2125AD Presario CQ40-313AX Presario CQ61-423SG
A931NR Presario 2125AP Presario CQ40-314AX Presario CQ61-424EG
Armada 100S Presario 2125EA Presario CQ40-315AX Presario CQ61-424SA
Armada 110 Presario 2126AC Presario CQ40-315TU Presario CQ61-425EA
Armada 1100 Presario 2126AD Presario CQ40-317AX Presario CQ61-425EG
Armada 110S Presario 2126EA Presario CQ40-318AX Presario CQ61-425SA
Armada 1120 Presario 2127AC Presario CQ40-318TU Presario CQ61-426EG
Armada 1120T Presario 2127AD Presario CQ40-319AX Presario CQ61-427EG
Armada 1125 Presario 2127EA Presario CQ40-320AX Presario CQ61-427SA
Armada 1130 Presario 2128AC Presario CQ40-321AX Presario CQ61-428SG
Armada 1130T Presario 2128AD Presario CQ40-321TU Presario CQ61-429SG
Armada 1500DM Presario 2128EA Presario CQ40-322AX Presario CQ61-429US
Armada 1505DM Presario 2129AD Presario CQ40-322TU Presario CQ61-431SZ
Armada 1510DM Presario 2129EA Presario CQ40-323AX Presario CQ61-433SA
Armada 1515DMT Presario 2130AC Presario CQ40-323TU Presario CQ61-435SA
Armada 1520 Presario 2130AD Presario CQ40-324AX Presario CQ61-440SA
Armada 1520D Presario 2130AP Presario CQ40-325AX Presario CQ61-441SE
Armada 1520DM Presario 2130EA Presario CQ40-325TU Presario CQ61-450SS
Armada 1530DM Presario 2131AC Presario CQ40-326TU Presario CQ61-457EE
Armada 1535DM Presario 2131AD Presario CQ40-331TU Presario CQ61-488EE
Armada 1540DM Presario 2131EA Presario CQ40-332TU Presario CQ61-489EE
Armada 1550DMT Presario 2132AC Presario CQ40-333TU Presario CQ61z-300 CTO
Armada 1560DM Presario 2132RS Presario CQ40-334TU Presario CQ61Z-400 CTO
Armada 1570 Presario 2133AC Presario CQ40-343TU Presario CQ62 Series
Armada 1570D Presario 2133AD Presario CQ40-346TU Presario CQ62-100 Series
Armada 1571DM Presario 2133AP Presario CQ40-400 Presario CQ62-200 series
Armada 1571DMT Presario 2133EA Presario CQ40-402TX Presario CQ62-215DX
Armada 1572 Presario 2134AD Presario CQ40-403AU Presario CQ62-219WM
Armada 1573DM Presario 2134EA Presario CQ40-403TX Presario CQ62-228DX
Armada 1580DMT Presario 2135AC Presario CQ40-404AX Presario CQ62-238DX
Armada 1580DT Presario 2135AD Presario CQ40-404TU Presario CQ62-410US
Armada 1585DMT Presario 2135AP Presario CQ40-404TX Presario CQ62-423NR
Armada 1590DMT Presario 2135CA Presario CQ40-405TX Presario CQ62-a00 series
Armada 1590DT Presario 2135EA Presario CQ40-406AX Presario CQ70 Series
Armada 1592DMT Presario 2135US Presario CQ40-406TX Presario CQ70-100
Armada 1592DT Presario 2136AC Presario CQ40-407AX Presario CQ70-100ER
Armada 1598DMT Presario 2136AD Presario CQ40-408AU Presario CQ70-101TX
Armada 1598DT Presario 2136EA Presario CQ40-408AX Presario CQ70-102TU
Armada 1700 Presario 2136RSH Presario CQ40-409AU Presario CQ70-102TX
Armada 1750 Presario 2137AC Presario CQ40-409AX Presario CQ70-103EB
Armada 2940 Presario 2137AD Presario CQ40-409TU Presario CQ70-103EF
Armada 7700 Presario 2137EA Presario CQ40-409TX Presario CQ70-103EM
Armada 7710MT Presario 2138AC Presario CQ40-410AU Presario CQ70-103TU
Armada 7730MT Presario 2138AD Presario CQ40-411AU Presario CQ70-103TX
Armada 7750 Presario 2138EA Presario CQ40-411AX Presario CQ70-104TX
Armada 7750MT Presario 2139AC Presario CQ40-413AX Presario CQ70-105EB
Armada 7760 Presario 2139AD Presario CQ40-413TU Presario CQ70-105EF
Armada 7770DMT Presario 2140AC Presario CQ40-413TX Presario CQ70-105TX
Armada 7790 Presario 2140AD Presario CQ40-414AX Presario CQ70-110EB
Armada 7790DMT Presario 2140AP Presario CQ40-414TU Presario CQ70-110EF
Armada 7792 Presario 2140CA Presario CQ40-414TX Presario CQ70-110EM
Armada 7792DMT Presario 2140US Presario CQ40-415AX Presario CQ70-110EO
Armada 7800 Presario 2141AC Presario CQ40-416AX Presario CQ70-110ER
Armada E500 Presario 2141AD Presario CQ40-416TU Presario CQ70-110ES
Armada E500s Presario 2141EA Presario CQ40-417AX Presario CQ70-111CA
Armada E700 Presario 2142EA Presario CQ40-417TU Presario CQ70-115EE
Armada M300 Presario 2143AD Presario CQ40-419AX Presario CQ70-115EF
Armada M700 Presario 2143AP Presario CQ40-421AX Presario CQ70-115EO
Armada V300 Presario 2144AD Presario CQ40-422TX Presario CQ70-115ES
Business Notebook 2210b Presario 2144EA Presario CQ40-423TX Presario CQ70-116EA
Business Notebook 2230s Presario 2145AD Presario CQ40-424TX Presario CQ70-116EM
Business Notebook 2510p Presario 2145AP Presario CQ40-500 Presario CQ70-117CA
Business Notebook 510 Presario 2145CA Presario CQ40-500LA Presario CQ70-118CA
Business Notebook 530 Presario 2145EA Presario CQ40-505AU Presario CQ70-118EF
Business Notebook 6510b Presario 2145US Presario CQ40-505LA Presario CQ70-118EO
Business Notebook 6515b Presario 2146AD Presario CQ40-506AU Presario CQ70-118NR
Business Notebook 6520s Presario 2146EA Presario CQ40-506AX Presario CQ70-120EF
Business Notebook 6530B Presario 2147AD Presario CQ40-507AU Presario CQ70-120EM
Business Notebook 6530S Presario 2147EA Presario CQ40-507AX Presario CQ70-120EO
Business Notebook 6531S Presario 2148AD Presario CQ40-508AU Presario CQ70-120ES
Business Notebook 6535B Presario 2148EA Presario CQ40-508AX Presario CQ70-120US
Business Notebook 6535S Presario 2149AD Presario CQ40-509AU Presario CQ70-123EO
Business Notebook 6710b Presario 2149EA Presario CQ40-509AX Presario CQ70-124CA
Business Notebook 6710s Presario 2150AP Presario CQ40-510AU Presario CQ70-125EO
Business Notebook 6715b Presario 2150US Presario CQ40-510AX Presario CQ70-127NR
Business Notebook 6715s Presario 2151AD Presario CQ40-511AX Presario CQ70-128NR
Business Notebook 6720s Presario 2151EA Presario CQ40-511TX Presario CQ70-130ED
Business Notebook 6730B Presario 2153AP Presario CQ40-512AX Presario CQ70-130EG
Business Notebook 6730S Presario 2154AP Presario CQ40-512TX Presario CQ70-130EO
Business Notebook 6735B Presario 2154EA Presario CQ40-513AX Presario CQ70-134CA
Business Notebook 6735S Presario 2155 Presario CQ40-513TU Presario CQ70-135EO
Business Notebook 6820s Presario 2155EA Presario CQ40-513TX Presario CQ70-140ED
Business Notebook 6830S Presario 2155US Presario CQ40-514TU Presario CQ70-140EG
Business Notebook 6910p Presario 2156EA Presario CQ40-514TX Presario CQ70-150EG
Business NoteBook 8510p Presario 2158EA Presario CQ40-516TU Presario CQ70-150EV
Business Notebook N1050V Presario 2160EA Presario CQ40-518AU Presario CQ70-158EZ
Business Notebook NC2400 Presario 2161EA Presario CQ40-519TX Presario CQ70-200
Business Notebook NC4000 Presario 2161US Presario CQ40-520AU Presario CQ70-253EG
Business Notebook NC4010 Presario 2162EA Presario CQ40-520AX Presario CQ70-255EG
Business Notebook NC4200 Presario 2162US Presario CQ40-520TX Presario CQ70-260EG
Business Notebook NC6000 Presario 2163EA Presario CQ40-521AU Presario CQ70-265EG
Business Notebook NC6100 Presario 2164EA Presario CQ40-521AX Presario CQ71
Business Notebook NC6110 Presario 2165EA Presario CQ40-521TU Presario CQ71 Series
Business Notebook NC6120 Presario 2166EA Presario CQ40-521TX Presario CQ71-100
Business Notebook NC6125 Presario 2167EA Presario CQ40-522TU Presario CQ71-101XX
Business Notebook NC6140 Presario 2169EA Presario CQ40-522TX Presario CQ71-103EF
Business Notebook NC6200 Presario 2170US Presario CQ40-523TU Presario CQ71-103SF
Business Notebook NC6220 Presario 2172EA Presario CQ40-525TX Presario CQ71-105EF
Business Notebook NC6230 Presario 2173EA Presario CQ40-528TU Presario CQ71-105SF
Business Notebook NC6320 Presario 2175EA Presario CQ40-530TX Presario CQ71-110EG
Business Notebook NC6325 Presario 2175US Presario CQ40-536TX Presario CQ71-110SF
Business Notebook NC6400 Presario 2176 Presario CQ40-537TX Presario CQ71-115EF
Business Notebook NC8000 Presario 2186RS Presario CQ40-538TX Presario CQ71-115SF
Business Notebook NC8200 Presario 2188CL Presario CQ40-539TX Presario CQ71-120EF
Business Notebook NC8230 Presario 2190US Presario CQ40-541TX Presario CQ71-120EG
Business Notebook NC8430 Presario 2195 Presario CQ40-542TU Presario CQ71-130SA
Business Notebook NW8000 Presario 2195US Presario CQ40-545TU Presario CQ71-135SA
Business Notebook NW8200 Presario 2199US Presario CQ40-555TU Presario CQ71-140EA
Business Notebook NW8240 Presario 2200 Series Presario CQ40-556TU Presario CQ71-140SA
Business Notebook NW8440 Presario 2201 Presario CQ40-600 Presario CQ71-200
Business Notebook NX4800 Presario 2204US Presario CQ40-600LA Presario CQ71-203EF
Business Notebook NX4820 Presario 2210CA Presario CQ40-601AX Presario CQ71-203SF
Business Notebook NX5000 Presario 2210US Presario CQ40-602AX Presario CQ71-205SG
Business Notebook NX6100 Presario 2227US Presario CQ40-602LA Presario CQ71-210EF
Business Notebook NX6110 Presario 2231AP Presario CQ40-603AX Presario CQ71-210EG
Business Notebook NX6115 Presario 2231US Presario CQ40-603TU Presario CQ71-210SA
Business Notebook NX6120 Presario 2500 Presario CQ40-603TX Presario CQ71-210SF
Business Notebook NX6125 Presario 2500 Series Presario CQ40-605LA Presario CQ71-212SF
Business Notebook NX6130 Presario 2500AP Presario CQ40-605TU Presario CQ71-215SF
Business Notebook NX6310 Presario 2500LA Presario CQ40-606AU Presario CQ71-220EG
Business Notebook NX6315 Presario 2505AP Presario CQ40-606AX Presario CQ71-220SF
Business Notebook NX6320 Presario 2510AP Presario CQ40-607AU Presario CQ71-223EG
Business Notebook NX6325 Presario 2510EA Presario CQ40-607AX Presario CQ71-230EG
Business Notebook NX6330 Presario 2510LA Presario CQ40-608AU Presario CQ71-230SA
Business Notebook NX7000 Presario 2511EA Presario CQ40-609AX Presario CQ71-235SA
Business Notebook NX7000 series Presario 2512EA Presario CQ40-609TX Presario CQ71-240SG
Business Notebook NX7010 Presario 2515AP Presario CQ40-610TX Presario CQ71-300
Business Notebook NX7100 Presario 2515EA Presario CQ40-611AX Presario CQ71-300SG
Business Notebook NX7300 Presario 2516EA Presario CQ40-611BR Presario CQ71-305SA
Business Notebook NX7400 Presario 2520AP Presario CQ40-611TX Presario CQ71-305SF
Business Notebook NX8200 Presario 2520EA Presario CQ40-612BR Presario CQ71-305SG
Business Notebook NX8220 Presario 2521EA Presario CQ40-612TX Presario CQ71-310EG
Business Notebook NX8410 Presario 2525AP Presario CQ40-613TX Presario CQ71-310SF
Business Notebook NX8420 Presario 2525CA Presario CQ40-614BR Presario CQ71-310SG
Business Notebook NX9000 Presario 2525EA Presario CQ40-614TX Presario CQ71-311SF
Business Notebook NX9005 Presario 2525US Presario CQ40-615AX Presario CQ71-312SA
Business Notebook NX9010 Presario 2526EA Presario CQ40-615TX Presario CQ71-314SA
Business Notebook NX9020 Presario 2528CL Presario CQ40-616AX Presario CQ71-315SF
Business Notebook NX9030 Presario 2529CL Presario CQ40-616TX Presario CQ71-317EA
Business Notebook NX9040 Presario 2530AP Presario CQ40-618AX Presario CQ71-317SG
Business Notebook NX9100 Presario 2535AP Presario CQ40-619AX Presario CQ71-320EG
Business Notebook NX9105 Presario 2535QV Presario CQ40-619TU Presario CQ71-320SA
Business Notebook NX9110 Presario 2538CL Presario CQ40-620AX Presario CQ71-320SF
Business Notebook NX9420 Presario 2540 Presario CQ40-620LA Presario CQ71-320SG
Business Notebook NX9600 Presario 2540AP Presario CQ40-620TX Presario CQ71-325EG
Business Notebook NX9905 Presario 2545AP Presario CQ40-621AX Presario CQ71-325SG
C713NR Presario 2545US Presario CQ40-621LA Presario CQ71-350EK
C714NR Presario 2550AP Presario CQ40-621TX Presario CQ71-350SG
Concerto 4/25 Presario 2555AP Presario CQ40-622AU Presario CQ71-355EG
Concerto 4/50 Presario 2555US Presario CQ40-622AX Presario CQ71-400
Concerto Subnotebook Presario 2560AP Presario CQ40-622BR Presario CQ71-401SA
Contura 3/20 Presario 2565AP Presario CQ40-622TX Presario CQ71-402SA
Contura 3/25 Presario 2570US Presario CQ40-623AU Presario CQ71-403SA
Contura 3/25C Presario 2575US Presario CQ40-623TU Presario CQ71-403SF
Contura 4/20 Presario 2580US Presario CQ40-624AU Presario CQ71-405EF
Contura 4/25 Presario 2585US Presario CQ40-624AX Presario CQ71-405SF
Contura 4/25C Presario 2590US Presario CQ40-624LA Presario CQ71-410EF
Contura 4/25CX Presario 2594US Presario CQ40-624TX Presario CQ71-410EG
Contura 400C Presario 2596US Presario CQ40-625AU Presario CQ71-410SF
Contura 400CX Presario 2597US Presario CQ40-626AU Presario CQ71-410SG
Contura 410C Presario 2598US Presario CQ40-626AX Presario CQ71-410SS
Contura 410CX Presario 2700 series Presario CQ40-626LA Presario CQ71-411EG
Contura 420C Presario 2700T Presario CQ40-627AX Presario CQ71-412EG
Contura 420CX Presario 2700US Presario CQ40-627LA Presario CQ71-412SF
Contura 430C Presario 2701T Presario CQ40-630LA Presario CQ71-413SG
Contura 430CX Presario 2702TW Presario CQ40-630TX Presario CQ71-414SF
CQ42 Series Presario 2710US Presario CQ40-632TX Presario CQ71-414SG
CQ42-100 Series Presario 2715US Presario CQ40-633TU Presario CQ71-415EG
CQ42-200 Series Presario 2720US Presario CQ40-634TX Presario CQ71-416EG
CQ42-300 Series Presario 2800 Presario CQ40-636TU Presario CQ71-417EG
CQ42-400 Series Presario 2800 series Presario CQ40-636TX Presario CQ71-418SG
CQ43 Series Presario 2800CA Presario CQ40-637TU Presario CQ71-419EG
CQ43-100 Series Presario 2800T Presario CQ40-637TX Presario CQ71-420EG
CQ43-200 Series Presario 2800US Presario CQ40-638TX Presario CQ71-420SF
CQ43-300 Series Presario 2801CL Presario CQ40-639TX Presario CQ71-421SG
CQ43-400 Series Presario 2805US Presario CQ40-640TX Presario CQ72 Series
CQ50-105NR Presario 2811CL Presario CQ40-641TX Presario F500 Series
CQ50-115NR Presario 300 Presario CQ40-642TX Presario F557US
CQ56 Series Presario 305 Presario CQ40-643TX Presario F572US
CQ56-100 Series Presario 306 Presario CQ40-648TU Presario F700 Series
CQ56-115DX-XG809UA Presario 700 Presario CQ40-700 Presario F730US
CQ56-200 Series Presario 700 series Presario CQ40-700LA Presario F736
CQ57 Presario 700US Presario CQ40-702LA Presario F750
CQ57 Series Presario 700Z Presario CQ40-704TX Presario F750US
CQ57-100 Series Presario 701 Presario CQ40-705LA Presario F756NR
CQ57-339WM Presario 701CL Presario CQ40-705TU Presario F761CA
CQ57-386NR Presario 701USZ Presario CQ40-705TX Presario F762NR
CQ57-410US Presario 705 Presario CQ40-706TU Presario F763NR
CQ60-211DX Presario 705US Presario CQ40-706TX Presario F767NR
CQ60-214DX Presario 710 Presario CQ40-707TU Presario M2000 series
CQ60-215DX Presario 711cl Presario CQ40-707TX Presario M2005
CQ60-417DX Presario 715 Presario CQ40-708TU Presario M2007
CQ60-422DX Presario 720US Presario CQ40-708TX Presario M2010
CQ60-423DX Presario 721CL Presario CQ40-709TU Presario M2105US
CQ60-427NR Presario 722US Presario CQ40-709TX Presario M2108
CQ60-514NR Presario 723RSH Presario CQ40-710TX Presario M2108US
CQ60-615DX Presario 725 Presario CQ40-711TX Presario M2305
CQ62 Series Presario 725US Presario CQ40-713TU Presario M2401
CQ62-100 Series Presario 730US Presario CQ40-716TX Presario R3000 Series
CQ62-200 Series Presario 732US Presario CQ40-717TU Presario R3000T
CQ62-215DX Presario 797 Presario CQ40-717TX Presario R3000Z
CQ62-228DX Presario 800 Presario CQ40-719TU Presario R3001AP
DC954A Presario 800 series Presario CQ40-725TU Presario R3001US
DC959A#ABA Presario 800XL Presario CQ40-734TU Presario R3002AP
DK571A#ABA Presario 80XL550 Presario CQ40-735TU Presario R3003AP
DK576A Presario 900 Presario CQ40-740TU Presario R3003US
DK587A Presario 900 series Presario CQ40-747TU Presario R3004AP
DM728A#ABA Presario 900US Presario CQ40-748TU Presario R3004US
DM758A#ABA (Presario 2580US) Presario 905 Presario CQ41 Series Presario R3005AP
DS542U#ABA Presario 905US Presario CQ41-100 Presario R3005US
DZ357U#ABA Presario 906US Presario CQ41-103AX Presario R3006AP
DZ414U#ABA Presario 910 Presario CQ41-105AX Presario R3007AP
EC158UA#ABA Presario 910US Presario CQ41-108AX Presario R3010AP
EC186UA Presario 912 Presario CQ41-109AU Presario R3010EA
EC188UA Presario 912rsh Presario CQ41-109AX Presario R3012AP
EC215UA#ABA Presario 918 Presario CQ41-110AU Presario R3013AP
EC379UA#ABA (Presario R4125) Presario 918rsh Presario CQ41-110AX Presario R3014AP
EH462UA#ABA Presario 920 Presario CQ41-200 Presario R3015AP
EH463UA Presario 920US Presario CQ41-201TX Presario R3016AP
EliteBook 8470p Presario A916NR Presario CQ41-202TX Presario R3017AP
EliteBook 8470w Presario A931NR Presario CQ41-203TU Presario R3018AP
EliteBook 8570p Presario A940NR Presario CQ41-203TX Presario R3024AP
EP373UA#ABA Presario B1200 series Presario CQ41-204AU Presario R3030US
EP381UA#ABA Presario B1201TU Presario CQ41-204AX Presario R3038CL
ET824UA#ABA Presario B1201VU Presario CQ41-204TX Presario R3040EA
ET826UA Presario B1202TU Presario CQ41-205AX Presario R3050US
ET985UA Presario B1202VU Presario CQ41-205TU Presario R3056RS
Evo N1000 series Presario B1203TU Presario CQ41-205TX Presario R3060CA
Evo N1000c Presario B1203VU Presario CQ41-206AX Presario R3060EA
Evo N1000v Presario B1204TU Presario CQ41-206TU Presario R3060US
Evo N1010v Presario B1204VU Presario CQ41-206TX Presario R3065US
Evo N1015v Presario B1205TU Presario CQ41-207AX Presario R3070US
Evo N1020v Presario B1205VU Presario CQ41-207TU Presario R307NR
EVO N1033V Presario B1206TU Presario CQ41-207TX Presario R3101AP
Evo N105 Presario B1206VU Presario CQ41-208AU Presario R3111EA
Evo N1050v Presario B1207TU Presario CQ41-208AX Presario R3112EA
Evo N110 Presario B1207VU Presario CQ41-209AU Presario R3113EA
Evo N115 Presario B1208TU Presario CQ41-209AX Presario R3114EA
Evo N150 Presario B1208VU Presario CQ41-209TX Presario R3116EA
Evo N160 Presario B1209TU Presario CQ41-210TU Presario R3117EA
Evo N180 Presario B1209VU Presario CQ41-210TX Presario R3119EA
Evo N200 Presario B1210TU Presario CQ41-211AX Presario R3120US
Evo N400c Presario B1210VU Presario CQ41-211TU Presario R3128RS
Evo N410c Presario B1211TU Presario CQ41-214TX Presario R3136EA
Evo N600 Presario B1211VU Presario CQ41-216TU Presario R3137EA
Evo N600c Presario B1212VU Presario CQ41-217AU Presario R3138EA
Evo N610c Presario B1213TU Presario CQ41-219AX Presario R3140US
Evo N620c Presario B1213VU Presario CQ41-220TX Presario R3145EA
Evo N800 Presario B1214TU Presario CQ41-221LA Presario R3150US
Evo N800 series Presario B1214VU Presario CQ41-221TX Presario R3158IT
Evo N800c Presario B1215TU Presario CQ41-226LA Presario R3190EA
Evo N800v Presario B1215VU Presario CQ41-226TX Presario R3200
Evo N800w Presario B1216TU Presario CQ41-227TX Presario R3201AP
EZ429UA (Presario V5204NR) Presario B1217TU Presario CQ42 Series Presario R3201US
EZ430UA (Presario V5207NR) Presario B1218TU Presario CQ42-100 Series Presario R3202AP
EZ431UA (Presario V5205NR) Presario B1219TU Presario CQ42-200 Series Presario R3202US
EZ503UA Presario B1220TU Presario CQ42-300 Series Presario R3205AP
EZ676UA Presario B1221TU Presario CQ42-400 Series Presario R3210CA
EZ855AV Presario B1222TU Presario CQ43 Series Presario R3210EA
EZ855AVR Presario B1223TU Presario CQ43-100 Series Presario R3210US
F756NR Presario B1224TU Presario CQ43-200 Series Presario R3212EA
FE799UA Presario B1225TU Presario CQ43-300 Series Presario R3220CA
FE871UA Presario B1226TU Presario CQ43-400 Series Presario R3220US
FE872UA#AB Presario B1227TU Presario CQ45 Series Presario R3230CA
FM755UA#AB/CQ50-107NR Presario B1228TU Presario CQ45-100 Presario R3230US
FS051UA#ABA Presario B1229TU Presario CQ45-104TX Presario R3240EA
GA231UA Presario B1230TU Presario CQ45-306TX Presario R3240US
GA231UAR Presario B1231TU Presario CQ45-307TX Presario R3245EA
GA386UAR Presario B1232TU Presario CQ45-308TX Presario R3247US
GA395UA#AB Presario B1233TU Presario CQ50 Series Presario R3248EA
GF572UA Presario B1234TU Presario CQ50-100 Presario R3249EA
GF572UA#ABA Presario B1235TU Presario CQ50-100CA Presario R3250EA
GL925UA Presario B1236TU Presario CQ50-100EG Presario R3251EA
GL925UAR Presario B1237TU Presario CQ50-100EM Presario R3255EA
GL926UA Presario B1238TU Presario CQ50-100EO Presario R3275US
GL926UAR Presario B1239TU Presario CQ50-101XX Presario R3290US
GQ362AV Presario B1240TU Presario CQ50-102XX Presario R3306US
GR963UA#ABA Presario B1241TU Presario CQ50-103AU Presario R3310CA
GR963UA#ABA (Presario F712NR) Presario B1242TU Presario CQ50-103ER Presario R3310CAF
GR983UA#ABA Presario B1243TU Presario CQ50-103NR Presario R3310US
GR992UA Presario B1244TU Presario CQ50-103XX Presario R3312AP
KC371UA#AB Presario B1245TU Presario CQ50-104AU Presario R3313AP
KC490UA Presario B1246TU Presario CQ50-104CA Presario R3314AP
KC490UA#AB Presario B1247TU Presario CQ50-104NR Presario R3320CA
KC550UA#AB Presario B1248TU Presario CQ50-104XX Presario R3320US
KC590UA Presario B1249TU Presario CQ50-105AU Presario R3340F
KC590UA#AB Presario B1250TU Presario CQ50-105EF Presario R3344EA
KC590UA#ABA (Presario C751NR) Presario B1251TU Presario CQ50-105EM Presario R3345EA
KN987UA#ABA Presario B1252TU Presario CQ50-105NR Presario R3347EA
KP030UA Presario B1253TU Presario CQ50-106CA Presario R334EA
KP030UA#AB Presario B1254TU Presario CQ50-106EE Presario R3360EA
KP030UA#ABA (Presario F767NR) Presario B1255TU Presario CQ50-106EF Presario R3360US
LJ477UT (ProBook 4730s) Presario B1256TU Presario CQ50-106EL Presario R3363EA
LJ487UT (ProBook 4535s) Presario B1257TU Presario CQ50-106ER Presario R3370US
LJ489UT (ProBook 6465b) Presario B1258TU Presario CQ50-107CL Presario R3400 CTO
LJ491UT (ProBook 6565b) Presario B1259TU Presario CQ50-107EA Presario R3410US
LJ502UT (ProBook 4535s) Presario B1260TU Presario CQ50-107EF Presario R3430US
LJ515UTABA (ProBook 4430s) Presario B1261TU Presario CQ50-107ER Presario R3440CA
LJ516UT (ProBook 4430s) Presario B1262TU Presario CQ50-107NR Presario R3440US
LJ517UT (ProBook 4430s) Presario B1263TU Presario CQ50-108AU Presario R3470US
LJ517UTABA (ProBook 4430s) Presario B1264TU Presario CQ50-108CA Presario R4000 (PL854AV)
LJ520UTABA (ProBook 4530s) Presario B1265TU Presario CQ50-108EF Presario R4000 (PL855AV)
LJ521UT (ProBook 4530s) Presario B1266TU Presario CQ50-108NR Presario R4000 (PN495AV)
LJ521UTABA (ProBook 4530s) Presario B1269TU Presario CQ50-109AU Presario R4000 series
LJ522UT (ProBook 4535s) Presario B1270TU Presario CQ50-109CA Presario R4003
LJ523UTABA (ProBook 4535s) Presario B1271TU Presario CQ50-109EL Presario R4012US
LJ524UT (ProBook 4730s) Presario B1272TU Presario CQ50-110AU Presario R4100 (EA460AV)
LQ177AW (ProBook 6460b) Presario B1273TU Presario CQ50-110EG Presario R4100 (EA461AV)
LQ579AW (ProBook 6560b) Presario B1274TU Presario CQ50-110EM Presario R4125
LTE Presario B1275TU Presario CQ50-110EN Presario R4146EA
LTE 286 Presario B1276TU Presario CQ50-110EP Presario V2000 series
LTE 5000 Presario B1277TU Presario CQ50-110ER Presario V2000Z
LTE 5000CD Presario B1278TU Presario CQ50-110US Presario V2010US
LTE 5000CX Presario B1279TU Presario CQ50-111AU Presario V2030US
LTE 5080 Presario B1280TU Presario CQ50-111EE Presario V2100
LTE 5100 Presario B1281TU Presario CQ50-111EM Presario V2110CA
LTE 5150 Presario B1282TU Presario CQ50-112AU Presario V2110F
LTE 5180 Presario B1283TU Presario CQ50-112EM Presario V2135
LTE 5200 Presario B1284TU Presario CQ50-113AU Presario V2140CA
LTE 5230 Presario B1285TU Presario CQ50-113CA Presario V2140F
LTE 5250 Presario B1286TU Presario CQ50-114AU Presario V2140US
LTE 5280 Presario B1287TU Presario CQ50-115EM Presario V2205
LTE 5300 Presario B1288TU Presario CQ50-115EP Presario V2205US
LTE 5380 Presario B1289TU Presario CQ50-115NR Presario V2210CA
LTE 5400 Presario B1290TU Presario CQ50-115TR Presario V2220US
LTE 5500 Presario B1291TU Presario CQ50-116AU Presario V2306
LTE Elite 4/100 Presario B1292TU Presario CQ50-116EE Presario V2306US
LTE Elite 4/40 Presario B1293TU Presario CQ50-116EM Presario V2309
LTE Elite 4/40C Presario B1294TU Presario CQ50-117AU Presario V2310
LTE Elite 4/40CX Presario B1295TU Presario CQ50-120EP Presario V2311
LTE Elite 4/50 Presario B1296TU Presario CQ50-125EC Presario V2311US
LTE Elite 4/50CX Presario B1297TU Presario CQ50-128NR Presario V2312
LTE Elite 4/50E Presario B1298TU Presario CQ50-130EC Presario V2321
LTE Elite 4/75 Presario B1299TU Presario CQ50-130US Presario V2321US
LTE Elite 4/75C Presario B1800 Series Presario CQ50-133US Presario V2401
LTE Elite 4/75CX Presario B1801TU Presario CQ50-139NR Presario V2402
LTE Elite 4/75CXL Presario B1802TU Presario CQ50-139WM Presario V2403
M2005US Presario B1803TU Presario CQ50-140US Presario V2405
NB049UA Presario B1804TU Presario CQ50-142US Presario V2405US
NC6400 Presario B1805TU Presario CQ50-200 Presario V2410
NC6400-USMICRO96 Presario B1806TU Presario CQ50-201CA Presario V2414
Notebook 100 Presario B1807TU Presario CQ50-204CA Presario V2414NR
NW153UA Presario B1808TU Presario CQ50-209CA Presario V2424
NX9010 Presario B1809TU Presario CQ50-209NR Presario V2424NR
NX9030 Presario B1810TU Presario CQ50-209WM Presario V2552US
PF111UA#AB Presario B1811TU Presario CQ50-210US Presario V2555
PF153UA#ABA Presario B1812TU Presario CQ50-211NR Presario V2565
PF181UA#AB Presario B1813TU Presario CQ50-212CA Presario V2570
PK290AS Presario B1814TU Presario CQ50-215CA Presario V2570NR
PL988UA Presario B1815TU Presario CQ50-215NR Presario V2582US
PM008UA#ABA Presario B1816TU Presario CQ50-217CL Presario V2602XT
PM064UA Presario B1817TU Presario CQ50-217NR Presario V2606
PR433UA#ABA Presario B1818TU Presario CQ50-225LA Presario V2607CL
PR472UA#ABA Presario B1819TU Presario CQ50-228CA Presario V2610
Presario 1000 Presario B1820TU Presario CQ50T-100 CTO Presario V2615US
Presario 1010 Presario B2800 Series Presario CQ50Z-100 CTO Presario V2630US
Presario 1020 Presario B2801TX Presario CQ56 Series Presario V2658US
Presario 1030 Presario B2802TX Presario CQ56-00F Presario V2665US
Presario 1040 Presario B2803TX Presario CQ56-100 series Presario V2670US
Presario 1050 Presario B2804TX Presario CQ56-115DX Presario V2710US
Presario 1060 Presario B2805TX Presario CQ56-115DX-XG809UA Presario V3000
Presario 1065 Presario B2806TX Presario CQ56-129NR Presario V3000 Series
Presario 1070 Presario B2807TX Presario CQ56-200 Series Presario V3000T
Presario 1075 Presario B2808TX Presario CQ56-219WM Presario V3000Z
Presario 1080 Presario B2809TX Presario CQ56Z Presario V3002XX
Presario 1081 Presario B2810TX Presario CQ57 Series Presario V3010CA
Presario 1090 Presario B2811TX Presario CQ57-100 Series Presario V3010TU
Presario 1090ES Presario B2812TX Presario CQ57-386NR Presario V3010US
Presario 1200 Presario B2813TX Presario CQ60 Series Presario V3015CA
Presario 1200T Presario B2814TX Presario CQ60-100 Presario V3015NR
Presario 1200US Presario B2815TX Presario CQ60-100EG Presario V3016US
Presario 1200XL Presario B2816TX Presario CQ60-105EG Presario V3017LA
Presario 1200XL101 Presario B2817TX Presario CQ60-105TX Presario V3018CL
Presario 1200XL102 Presario B2818TX Presario CQ60-106TX Presario V3018US
Presario 1200XL103 Presario B2819TX Presario CQ60-115EG Presario V3019US
Presario 1200XL104 Presario B2820TX Presario CQ60-120EG Presario V3020CAl
Presario 1200XL105 Presario C300 Presario CQ60-130EG Presario V3020US
Presario 1200XL106 Presario C301NR Presario CQ60-140EG Presario V3025AU
Presario 1200XL109 Presario C302NR Presario CQ60-150EG Presario V3029AU
Presario 1200XL110 Presario C303NR Presario CQ60-200 Presario V3030CA
Presario 1200XL111 Presario C304NR Presario CQ60-200EG Presario V3030US
Presario 1200XL118 Presario C306US Presario CQ60-204NR Presario V3033AU
Presario 1200XL119 Presario C307NR Presario CQ60-210CA Presario V3070TU
Presario 1200XL125 Presario C500 Series Presario CQ60-210EG Presario V3110CA
Presario 1200XL126 Presario C501 Presario CQ60-210US Presario V3120TU
Presario 1200XL127 Presario C501NR Presario CQ60-211DX Presario V3122TU
Presario 1200XL199 Presario C502 Presario CQ60-211TX Presario V3145AU
Presario 1200XL3 Presario C502US Presario CQ60-212USc Presario V3172TU
Presario 1200XL300 Presario C509 Presario CQ60-214DX Presario V3500 Series
Presario 1200XL325 Presario C551NR Presario CQ60-215DX Presario V4000
Presario 1200XL401 Presario C552US Presario CQ60-216DX Presario V4000 series
Presario 1200XL404 Presario C555NR Presario CQ60-227CA Presario V4001
Presario 1200XL406 Presario C563NR Presario CQ60-250EG Presario V4002
Presario 1200XL408 Presario C571NR Presario CQ60-252EG Presario V4003
Presario 1200XL409 Presario C700 Series Presario CQ60-260EG Presario V4004
Presario 1200XL420 Presario C714NR Presario CQ60-270EG Presario V4005
Presario 1200XL423 Presario C727US Presario CQ60-300 Presario V4015
Presario 1200XL500 Presario C751 Presario CQ60-301EG Presario V4020
Presario 1200XL505 Presario C751NR Presario CQ60-305EG Presario V4310
Presario 1200XL510 Presario C756 Presario CQ60-310EG Presario V4310NR
Presario 1200XL515 Presario C762NR Presario CQ60-320EG Presario V4435
Presario 1200XL526 Presario C769US Presario CQ60-355LA Presario V4435NR
Presario 1201AP Presario C770US Presario CQ60-400 Presario V4440US
Presario 1201Z Presario C771US Presario CQ60-409CA Presario V5000 series
Presario 1207 Presario CQ119CA Presario CQ60-410EG Presario V5000T
Presario 1210 Presario CQ20 series Presario CQ60-410US Presario V5000Z
Presario 1214 Presario CQ20-100 series Presario CQ60-413SO Presario V5005
Presario 1214SR Presario CQ20-100CTO Presario CQ60-417DX Presario V5015
Presario 1215 Presario CQ20-101TU Presario CQ60-418DX Presario V5088
Presario 1216 Presario CQ20-102TU Presario CQ60-420EG Presario V5099
Presario 1220 Presario CQ20-103TU Presario CQ60-420US Presario V5101US
Presario 1221 Presario CQ20-104TU Presario CQ60-422DX Presario V5102
Presario 1230 Presario CQ20-105TU Presario CQ60-423DX Presario V5105
Presario 1232 Presario CQ20-106TU Presario CQ60-427NR Presario V5108CU
Presario 1234 Presario CQ20-107TU Presario CQ60-430EG Presario V5115US
Presario 1235 Presario CQ20-108TU Presario CQ60-514NR Presario V5119
Presario 1236 Presario CQ20-109TU Presario CQ60-615DX Presario V5120
Presario 1237 Presario CQ20-110TU Presario CQ60-DMH Presario V5120NR
Presario 1240 Presario CQ20-111TU Presario CQ61 Series Presario V5160US
Presario 1242 Presario CQ20-112TU Presario CQ61-100 Presario V5189
Presario 1244 Presario CQ20-113TU Presario CQ61-100 series Presario V5201US
Presario 1245 Presario CQ20-114TU Presario CQ61-105TX Presario V5204NR
Presario 1246 Presario CQ20-115TU Presario CQ61-106TX Presario V5205NR
Presario 1247 Presario CQ20-116TU Presario CQ61-107TU Presario V5207NR
Presario 1250 Presario CQ20-117TU Presario CQ61-110SA Presario V5208CA
Presario 1255 Presario CQ20-118TU Presario CQ61-115EF Presario V6000
Presario 1256 Presario CQ20-119TU Presario CQ61-115TU Presario V6000 Series
Presario 1260 Presario CQ20-120TU Presario CQ61-117TU Presario V6000T
Presario 1262 Presario CQ20-121TU Presario CQ61-120EG Presario V6000TX
Presario 1266 Presario CQ20-122TU Presario CQ61-200 Presario V6000Z
Presario 1267 Presario CQ20-123TU Presario CQ61-204SF Presario V6001XX
Presario 1270 Presario CQ20-124TU Presario CQ61-205EF Presario V6030US
Presario 1272 Presario CQ20-125TU Presario CQ61-205SF Presario V6048CL
Presario 1273 Presario CQ20-126TU Presario CQ61-205TU Presario V6101US
Presario 1274 Presario CQ20-127TU Presario CQ61-207EF Presario V6101XX
Presario 1275 Presario CQ20-128TU Presario CQ61-207TX Presario V6105NR
Presario 1277 Presario CQ20-129TU Presario CQ61-208TX Presario V6107US
Presario 1278 Presario CQ20-130TU Presario CQ61-210SG Presario V6110CA
Presario 1279 Presario CQ20-2000 series Presario CQ61-210TX Presario V6110US
Presario 1280 Presario CQ20-201TU Presario CQ61-211TX Presario V6120CA
Presario 12XL Presario CQ20-202TU Presario CQ61-212TU Presario V6120US
Presario 12XL series Presario CQ20-203TU Presario CQ61-213TU Presario V6130US
Presario 12XL115 Presario CQ20-204TU Presario CQ61-214TU Presario V6133CA
Presario 12XL125 Presario CQ20-205TU Presario CQ61-215TU Presario V6133CL
Presario 12XL300 Presario CQ20-206TU Presario CQ61-217TU Presario V6137US
Presario 12XL310 Presario CQ20-207TU Presario CQ61-220EF Presario V6143CL
Presario 12XL325 Presario CQ20-208TU Presario CQ61-220EG Presario V6171CL
Presario 12XL326 Presario CQ20-209TU Presario CQ61-220SA Presario V6200
Presario 12XL327 Presario CQ20-210TU Presario CQ61-220SF Presario V6205NR
Presario 12XL4 Presario CQ20-211TU Presario CQ61-221SA Presario V6210US
Presario 12XL400 Presario CQ20-212TU Presario CQ61-221TX Presario V6305NR
Presario 12XL401 Presario CQ20-213TU Presario CQ61-222SA Presario V6320CA
Presario 12XL405 Presario CQ20-214TU Presario CQ61-222TX Presario V6410CA
Presario 12XL410 Presario CQ20-215TU Presario CQ61-223EA Presario V6415CA
Presario 12XL420 Presario CQ20-216TU Presario CQ61-223EG Presario V6444US
Presario 12XL426 Presario CQ20-217TU Presario CQ61-223SA Presario V6500 Series
Presario 12XL427 Presario CQ20-218TU Presario CQ61-223TU Presario V6719NR
Presario 12XL430 Presario CQ20-219TU Presario CQ61-223TX Presario X1000
Presario 12XL500 Presario CQ20-220TU Presario CQ61-224SG Presario X1000 series
Presario 12XL505 Presario CQ20-221TU Presario CQ61-224TX Presario X1010US
Presario 12XL510 Presario CQ20-222TU Presario CQ61-225SA Presario X1015
Presario 1400 Presario CQ20-223TU Presario CQ61-225SG Presario X1015US
Presario 1400 series Presario CQ20-224TU Presario CQ61-225TU Presario X1018CL
Presario 1400T Presario CQ20-225TU Presario CQ61-225TX Presario X1020US
Presario 1456 Presario CQ20-226TU Presario CQ61-226TU Presario X1030
Presario 14XL series Presario CQ20-227TU Presario CQ61-227TU Presario X1030US
Presario 14XL240 Presario CQ20-228TU Presario CQ61-227TX Presario X1031AP
Presario 14XL245 Presario CQ20-229TU Presario CQ61-228TU Presario X1032AP
Presario 14XL340 Presario CQ20-300 series Presario CQ61-230EG Presario X1033AP
Presario 14XL345 Presario CQ20-301TU Presario CQ61-230SF Presario X1034AP
Presario 1500 Presario CQ20-302TU Presario CQ61-230SS Presario X1035AP
Presario 1500 series Presario CQ20-303TU Presario CQ61-231TU Presario X1036AP
Presario 1500T Presario CQ20-304TU Presario CQ61-232TU Presario X1037AP
Presario 1500US Presario CQ20-305TU Presario CQ61-235TU Presario X1039AP
Presario 1501CL Presario CQ20-306TU Presario CQ61-240EG Presario X1040
Presario 1505US Presario CQ20-307TU Presario CQ61-300 Presario X1040US
Presario 1510US Presario CQ20-308TU Presario CQ61-301SG Presario X1041AP
Presario 1516US Presario CQ20-309TU Presario CQ61-301TX Presario X1058CL
Presario 1525US Presario CQ20-310TU Presario CQ61-303SF Presario X1360US
Presario 1529DH Presario CQ20-311TU Presario CQ61-303XX Presario X1460US
Presario 1600 Presario CQ20-312TU Presario CQ61-305AX Presario X6000 series
Presario 1600XL145 Presario CQ20-313TU Presario CQ61-305SA Presario X6001
Presario 1610 Presario CQ20-314TU Presario CQ61-305SF Presario X6002
Presario 1611 Presario CQ20-315TU Presario CQ61-305TX Presario X6003
Presario 1615 Presario CQ20-316TU Presario CQ61-306AX Presario X6050US
Presario 1620 Presario CQ20-317TU Presario CQ61-306TX Presario X6070US
Presario 1621 Presario CQ20-318TU Presario CQ61-307AU Presario X6105CL
Presario 1622 Presario CQ20-319TU Presario CQ61-307SF Presario X6110US
Presario 1625 Presario CQ20-320TU Presario CQ61-307TU Presario X6125CL
Presario 1626 Presario CQ20-321TU Presario CQ61-309AX ProBook 4320s
Presario 1630 Presario CQ20-322TU Presario CQ61-309TU ProBook 4321s
Presario 1635 Presario CQ20-323TU Presario CQ61-309TX ProBook 4325s
Presario 1640 Presario CQ20-324TU Presario CQ61-310EA ProBook 4326s
Presario 1650 Presario CQ20-325TU Presario CQ61-310SA ProBook 4330s
Presario 1655 Presario CQ20-326TU Presario CQ61-310SF ProBook 4331s
Presario 1665 Presario CQ20-327TU Presario CQ61-310SG ProBook 4420s
Presario 1670 Presario CQ20-328TU Presario CQ61-310US ProBook 4421s
Presario 1672 Presario CQ20-329TU Presario CQ61-311AX ProBook 4425s
Presario 1675 Presario CQ20-330TU Presario CQ61-311TU ProBook 4430s
Presario 1680 Presario CQ20-331TU Presario CQ61-312EF ProBook 4430s (XU012UT)
Presario 1681 Presario CQ32 Presario CQ61-312EG ProBook 4430s (XU013UT)
Presario 1682 Presario CQ40 Presario CQ61-312SA ProBook 4431s
Presario 1685 Presario CQ40-100 Presario CQ61-312SF ProBook 4435s
Presario 1687 Presario CQ40-100 CTO Presario CQ61-312SL ProBook 4436s
Presario 1688 Presario CQ40-101AU Presario CQ61-312TX ProBook 4510s
Presario 1690 Presario CQ40-101AX Presario CQ61-313AX ProBook 4510s/CT
Presario 1692 Presario CQ40-101TU Presario CQ61-313NR ProBook 4515s
Presario 1693 Presario CQ40-101XX Presario CQ61-313TU ProBook 4515s/CT
Presario 1694 Presario CQ40-102AX Presario CQ61-313TX ProBook 4520s
Presario 1700 Presario CQ40-102TU Presario CQ61-313US ProBook 4525s
Presario 1700T Presario CQ40-103AU Presario CQ61-314TU ProBook 4530s
Presario 1700XL573 Presario CQ40-103AX Presario CQ61-314US ProBook 4530s (XU016UT)
Presario 1710 (new version) Presario CQ40-103TU Presario CQ61-315SA ProBook 4535s
Presario 1710 (old version) Presario CQ40-104AU Presario CQ61-315SF ProBook 4540
Presario 1710LA Presario CQ40-105AU Presario CQ61-315SG ProBook 4710s
Presario 1710SB (new version) Presario CQ40-105AX Presario CQ61-315TU ProBook 4710s/CT
Presario 1710SB (old version) Presario CQ40-105TU Presario CQ61-315TX ProBook 4720s
Presario 1710TW Presario CQ40-106AU Presario CQ61-316EG ProBook 4730s
Presario 1714EA Presario CQ40-106AX Presario CQ61-316TX ProBook 6360b
Presario 1719 Presario CQ40-107TU Presario CQ61-317SA ProBook 6460b
Presario 1720US Presario CQ40-108AU Presario CQ61-318SG ProBook 6465b
Presario 17XL series Presario CQ40-108AX Presario CQ61-318TX ProBook 6470b
Presario 17XL265 Presario CQ40-109AU Presario CQ61-319TX ProBook 6475b
Presario 17XL275 Presario CQ40-109AX Presario CQ61-319WM ProBook 6560b
Presario 17XL360 Presario CQ40-109TU Presario CQ61-320CA ProBook 6560b (XU052UT)
Presario 17XL362 Presario CQ40-110AU Presario CQ61-320EA ProBook 6560b (XU053UT)
Presario 17XL365 Presario CQ40-110AX Presario CQ61-320EG ProBook 6560b (XU054UT)
Presario 17XL375 Presario CQ40-110TU Presario CQ61-320SA ProBook 6565b
Presario 17XL460 Presario CQ40-111AU Presario CQ61-320SF ProBook 6570b
Presario 17XL465 Presario CQ40-111AX Presario CQ61-320SG Prosignia 150
Presario 17XL475 Presario CQ40-112AU Presario CQ61-320TX Prosignia 170
Presario 17XL570 Presario CQ40-112AX Presario CQ61-323TX Prosignia 190
Presario 17XL599 Presario CQ40-112TU Presario CQ61-324CA PX333UA#ABA
Presario 1800 Presario CQ40-113AU Presario CQ61-324SA PX356UA
Presario 1800T Presario CQ40-113AX Presario CQ61-324SP PX394UA#ABA
Presario 1800T-800 Presario CQ40-113TU Presario CQ61-325SA RD864AV
Presario 1800T-850 Presario CQ40-114AU Presario CQ61-325SG RG390UA
Presario 1800XL Presario CQ40-114AX Presario CQ61-325TU RL177UA
Presario 1800XL190 Presario CQ40-114TU Presario CQ61-326SA RL178UA
Presario 1800XL280 Presario CQ40-115AU Presario CQ61-326TU RP211UA
Presario 1800XL380 Presario CQ40-115AX Presario CQ61-326TX RQ337UA
Presario 1800XL390 Presario CQ40-115TU Presario CQ61-327SA RQ340UA
Presario 1800XL481 Presario CQ40-116AU Presario CQ61-327SF RV053UA
Presario 1805 Presario CQ40-116AX Presario CQ61-327TU RZ350UA
Presario 1810 Presario CQ40-117AU Presario CQ61-327TX RZ350UA#ABA
Presario 1825 Presario CQ40-117AX Presario CQ61-328TU Tablet PC TC1000
Presario 1827 Presario CQ40-117TU Presario CQ61-328TX Tablet PC TC1100
Presario 1830 Presario CQ40-118AX Presario CQ61-329TU Tablet PC TC4200
Presario 18XL series Presario CQ40-118TU Presario CQ61-330EG TT4200
Presario 18XL280 Presario CQ40-119AX Presario CQ61-330SA V6719NR
Presario 18XL380 Presario CQ40-119TU Presario CQ61-330SS VG674UA
Presario 18XL390 Presario CQ40-120AU Presario CQ61-335ES WA591UA (Presario CQ60-422DX)
Presario 18XL580 Presario CQ40-120AX Presario CQ61-340SA WA592UA#ABA
Presario 18XL590 Presario CQ40-120TU Presario CQ61-350SF XC433UA
Presario 18XL676 Presario CQ40-121AU Presario CQ61-360SA XC433UA#AB
Presario 2100 Presario CQ40-121AX Presario CQ61-400 XC433UA#ABA
Presario 2100 Series Presario CQ40-122AU Presario CQ61-401SA XG809UA
Presario 2100AP Presario CQ40-122AX Presario CQ61-402EA ZY531UA#ABA
Presario 2100CA Presario CQ40-122TU Presario CQ61-402SA ZY532UA
Presario 2100LA Presario CQ40-123AU Presario CQ61-403EA ZY532UA#ABA
Presario 2100US Presario CQ40-123AX Presario CQ61-403SA

Compaq Laptop Battery Information
Find the best quality laptop batteries for your Compaq laptop with our replacement Compaq laptop batteries at competitive prices, with great customer service and product support. At, we stock many aftermarket Compaq laptop batteries and chargers that are ready to ship as soon as your order is placed. Each aftermarket Compaq laptop battery is specifically manufactured and designed to be compatible with each Compaq laptop model.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Compaq Laptop Batteries

Many of our Compaq laptop batteries and chargers will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications. Every Compaq laptop battery carries a one year warranty and meets various UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification standards. Be aware of online competitors selling batteries at extremely low prices because battery quality, materials and performance are sacrificed in order to reach these low prices. Cheap batteries do not meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications and have the tendency to die prematurely. We manufacture our Compaq laptop batteries with high quality Tier 1 materials and High Grade battery cells to ensure consistent and long lasting battery life. meets strict industry requirements for Li-ion cells to maintain over 80% of its battery capacity after 500 discharge / charge cycles for all Compaq laptop batteries. All of our aftermarket Compaq laptop batteries will meet or exceed OEM manufacturer specifications.

Compaq Laptop Battery Specifications

Laptop batteries come in two different capacity ratings - the standard capacity battery and the extended capacity battery for Compaq laptops. The standard capacity batteries are replacement batteries for OEM Compaq laptop batteries. The extended capacity laptop battery will last much longer on a full charge compared to the standard battery and is a direct replacement battery for your OEM Compaq laptop battery.

OEM laptop batteries and Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries usually have a voltage range between 10.8-14.4 volts. Amp ratings from our aftermarket Li-Ion laptop batteries will tend to be higher than an OEM Compaq laptop battery, which results in longer battery life for your Compaq laptop. Laptop battery capacities are measured in mAh (milliampere-hour), which is the electric charge transferred by a steady current of one milliampere for one hour. This is used to describe the amount of charged energy the laptop battery will hold and how long the laptop will run before the battery needs recharging. Compaq laptop chargers range from 65W – 120W and are measured in W (watt-hours).

Compaq Laptop Charge and Discharge Rates

Charge and discharge rates for Compaq laptop batteries will vary from each laptop model. If you take good care of your laptop and battery components, then the battery’s lifespan can increase. Recharging a Compaq laptop battery takes about three hours. After the first hour of charging, the laptop battery has reached 80% of its charging capacity and is usually fully charged after the second or third hour. If your laptop will be stored away for a while, it is recommended that the laptop battery is drained to 50% capacity so it has a longer shelf life and the battery cells do not get damaged from sitting too long. Typical run time for a Compaq laptop battery is usually over four hours, depending on the laptop battery mAh capacity, battery load from the laptop, and battery health. Aftermarket Compaq laptop batteries are capable of over 500 discharge / charge cycles throughout the lifespan of the battery.

Popular Compaq Laptop Models

Popular Compaq laptop models include the Compaq Armada, Compaq Business Notebook, Compaq Concerto, Compaq Contura, Compaq Evo, Compaq LTE, Compaq Presario, Compaq Prosignia, and Compaq Tablet PC. Find replacement Compaq laptop batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all popular Compaq laptop models at

If you are not sure if your replacement Compaq laptop battery is compatible with your laptop, please contact our customer service and support. We also carry laptop batteries and laptop chargers for other manufacturers.

Other Devices for Compaq

Compaq Desktop Computers      Compaq PDA      Compaq Monitor      Compaq Netbook     

Can't find your Device?


To find Compaq Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Compaq laptop from the list above.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Compaq Batteries, Compaq chargers, Compaq adapters and accessories.

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