Possibly the greenest laptop ever made, Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti has created a concept for a solar powered laptop called the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC. There are many peripherals that plug in to laptops and are solar powered to boost laptop battery power, but the Luce laptop would be the first laptop to run only on solar power. The Luce solar powered laptop was shortlisted in Fujitsu’s 2011 design competition.

Solar Powered Laptop

The Luce solar powered laptop comes with two solar panels, one on the back side of the LCD screen, and one underneath a transparent touch keyboard. The downside is the Luce is a mobile device thought to be free of power cable and AC adapter transformer, which might become a problem when you need to work on documents in the evening.

Luce Solar Powered Laptop

 Solar Powered Notebook

There’s no confirmation that Fujitsu plans on bringing a solar powered laptop to market, but there are other big companies looking at solar powered laptops as well. Apple has a patent filed for “harnessing external light to illuminate a display screen.” Sounds like something that would be used in the next Apple MacBook Pro laptop.

Apple Solar Powered Laptop Patent

Luce Solar Panel Powered PC
Apple’s External Light Illumination of Display Screens Patent

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