Glucose powered devices have been developed to provide power to electronic devices. All cells from the human body use glucose as their main energy source. Scientists have implanted a functional glucose biofuel cell in a rat's abdominal cavity, producing a maximum of 6.5 microwatts, which is close to 10 microwatts as a power requirement for pacemakers. Scientists Philippe Cinquin and his team from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France were able to achieve power from glucose by, "confining selected enzymes inside graphite discs that were placed into dialysis bags. Glucose and oxygen flowed into the device, but enzymes stayed in place and catalyzed the oxidation of glucose to generate electrical energy." The implantable biofuel cells were tested for 11 days and produced a constant 2 microwatts, with a peak of 6.5 megawatts. A step towards the future might be implantable biofuel cells where one can generate electric power from your body fluids.

Maybe one day we can plug in our cell phones, iPods and electronic devices to run off our body's glucose.

Article Source: Power from Glucose

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