On July 21st, Call2Recycle launched a campaign to recycle 1 million pounds of batteries by October 1st, 2010.

Call2Recycle has over 30,000 public drop-off locations for recycling used batteries and cell phones. According to the U.S. EPA, there are approximately 350 million rechargeable batteries purchased each year. Rechargeable batteries have a higher contamination level vs. disposable batteries and need to be recycled to prevent contamination threats. Since 1996, Call2Recycle has recycled over 55 million pounds of rechargeable batteries since the recycling program has launched in 1996.

Carl Smith, president and CEO of Call2Recycle says, "Millions of batteries are not recycled, primarily because people don’t know that they can be recycled or where to take them for recycling. Our goal with the MyCall2Recycle campaign is to collect 1 million pounds of batteries between now and October 1, by making everyone in the U.S. and Canada aware of the free battery recycling locations in their area; and educating businesses on the advantages of becoming a free battery collection spot.”

Let your family and friends know to recycle their used batteries so Call2Recycle can reach the 1 million pounds of recycling batteries goal. Find a cell phone and battery recycling center near you!

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