Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a press conference today at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California at 10AM PST to cover the iPhone 4 issues that have been circulating through the web and media the past 22 days. Apple is aware of the issues and is doing everything they can to fix the problems internally with iOS upgrades and offering consumers a 30 day return policy and a free bumper case which can fix the antenna reception issue. Below is a quick summary of the conference.

Video of the iPhone 4, July 16 Press Conference:

1. Most smartphones seem to have the same characteristic as the iphone 4 when the phone is held in the same manner and we see an antenna performance drop. The iPhone 4 is not the only phone that has this problem.
2. Apple gathered some data from Applecare that showed 0.55% of iPhone users have called in and reported reception issues with their phone.
3. ATT offers a return policy for users with bad reception and the return rates is 1/3 less than the Apple 3GS phones.
4. More data and statistics reveal the iPhone 4 drops less than one more call per hundred than 3GS

What Apple offers?
1. Apple recommends upgrading the iPhone 4 to the newest iOS 4.0.1 released yesterday to fix the bars issue for improved reception.
2. Starting next week on the Apple site until September 30 the iPhone 4 users get a free bumper case of their choice. This fixes the iPhone bug.
3. If you are still unhappy with the iPhone 4, Bring the iphone 4 back in for a full refund.
4. The proximity sensor gets fixed in July.
5. iPhone 4 will be offered in 17 more countries starting July 30.

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