A rumor the battery and HD Dock connector has been leaked by a manufacturer for Apple's new upcoming 4G cell phone. The new iPhone 4G will carry a battery with a capacity of 5.25 watt-hours, which is a 16.5% improvement from the 4.51 watt-hour battery that is in the iPhone 3GS. This means that the batteries last a little bit longer off a full charge and you won't end up with a dead battery as often by the end of the day.

Apple 4G iPhone Battery


The iPhone 4G dock connector and cable has also leaked and showed a small difference in design used in the iPhone 3G and 3GS.


Apple 4G iPhone HD Dock Connector


Steve Jobs will confirm this at the 2010 WWDC on June 7th.

Source: http://www.gadgetsdna.com/iphone-4g-hd-dock-connector-and-battery-images-leaked/3516/

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