Does the name "Leo Apotheker" ring a bell? How about Meg Whitman? ...Surely you've heard of "Hewlett-Packard" at least, right? These three names are tied together and have all come up in the news today.

Leo Apotheker has been the CEO of HP for the past year, until he stepped down earlier today and handed the reins over to Meg Whitman. For those who aren't sure who she is, Whitman was essential in eBay gaining popularity to becoming the giant it is today; she also ran for Governor of California in 2010, but eventually lost that race. Now, as the new CEO of HP, she'll be (hopefully) providing her ebay'ing business background to the falling company.

What does this mean for HP? According to several sources, they won't be changing their game plan: webOS is still out and they'll need some fresh juice to get the ball rolling again. We'll see if Whitman is the right person for that in the upcoming months.

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