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Why Do Li-Ion Batteries Degrade Over Time?

clock October 21, 2010 00:42 by author Jeremy

In latest news, scientists have dug deeper into the mystery of why lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. The answer, they currently believe, lies in nanoscale changes in the anode and cathode. Giorgio Rizzoni, along with colleagues at the Ohio State University, experimented with batteries that had finished their working lifespan. "We can clearly see that an aged sample versus and unaged sample has much lower lithium concentration in the cathode." In essence, the lithium had actually combined wtih the anode material, making it unavailable for transfer.

With the use of infrared thermal imaging, researchers were able to discover that the electrodes on dead batteries had nanomaterials that had coarsened in size. It is these finely-structured nanomaterials on the electrodes that allow the battery to charge and discharge. Though not yet proven, researchers are suspect that it is this cathode-coarsening that may be responsible for the loss of lithium.

If that theory turns out to be true, it could be a scientific breakthrough, as researchers and scientists could then use that information to create longer-lasting durable lithium ion batteries. This affects not only our electronic devices with laptops, digital cameras, and cell phones, but could also affect the future of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Source: itnews.com/au

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iPads sold by AT&T and Verizon

clock October 15, 2010 01:12 by author Jeremy

If our childhood tv shows such as Power Rangers or Voltron have taught us anything, it’s that when you combine several things together, you get one massive, awesome…thing. Such is the case with the latest news of Apple iPad’s being sold by both AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Apple ATT Verizon Logo

Okay, so maybe we’ll stick with individual logos, just in case. Nonetheless, both AT&T and Verizon Wireless will begin selling the iPad (with their individual prices and plans, of course) on October 28th. So what’s so special about each of them, you may ask?

AT&T’s version of the iPad, which is Wi-Fi + 3G, is being sold for $629 for the 16GB version, $729 for 32GB, and $829 for 64GB. Their no-commitment data plans are coming in at 250MB for $15 or 2GB for $25, and that gives you access to AT&T’s Wi-Fi network.

Meanwhile, since the iPad’s 3G chip doesn’t work on Verizon’s network, Verizon has decided to incorporate the use of the MiFi 2200: a pocket-sized portable modem that will connect up to five WiFi-enabled devices to Verizon’s network. Thanks to its handy internet-bubble-function, you can buy the iPad/MiFi bundles at 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB for $630, $730, and $830, respectively, and still have access to the internet. Or, in case you don’t want the MiFi, iPads can be bought without them from Verizon for $500, $600, and $700 respectively. MiFi bundle customers can get a no-commitment data plan that comes in at 1GB for $20 a month.

MiFi Wireless Internet

And with the iPad now being sold in other retailers like Walmart and Target, this all just leaves one question: not WHEN will you buy one, but WHO will you buy it from?

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Latest iPhone and iPod Gadgets

clock October 7, 2010 23:24 by author Jeremy

As we enter the month of Halloween, it seemed only fitting for Mio I-zawa, Japanese designer, to show his latest creation: an iPhone-charging umbilical cord.


If you think the design and picture are awesome, then you should see the video of it: the cord actually moves, pushing your iPhone along with it. Best of all: it really does charge your iPhone with every nutrient-feeding-twitch.

In case you weren't in the market for just a charging cord (or if you just didn't want to read news that brought your breakfast back with it), then check out this nifty gadget: the Icon Power Pack, brought to you by IPEVO.

This external battery will plug into any iPhone 4 or previous generation, and charges with a mini-USB cable (provided). The real kicker is how it lights up when charging or being used. The front panel will show green bars lighting up when charging, and all the green bars will stay on when the battery is fully charged. When plugged into your iPhone, the bars will slowly disappear; when all four bars are flashing, the external battery has been drained and is due for another charge.

Source: The Icon Power Pack by IPEVO

If you're looking for a new iPhone cell phone charger or iPod charger, eBatts.com carries them in stock and are ready to ship.

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The Battery-Charging Backpack

clock September 29, 2010 01:09 by author Jeremy

battery backpack

For the more tech-savvy, device-wearing, constant-blog-updating consumer, Quirky has announced a product that you can not only use, but wear! Trek Support is a backpack that charges multiple devices at once. With 3 USB ports on the Gadget Dock, consumers can charge phones, MP3 players, iPods, cameras, and portable gaming systems. The backpack's integrated rechargeable battery can charge different devices for up to 7 hours.

To hold all these devices, the backpack is designed with numerous mesh pockets, with one laptop sleeve big enough to fit a 15" laptop. And besides the mesh pockets inside the backpack, there are extra mesh pockets on the straps, with a USB port there as well, in case you want to travel while listening to music and charging your device. Two zippered pockets located on the outside of the backpack can hold other items, like wallets.

Trek Device is made out of durable waterproof nylon, with the Gadget Dock and and laptop sleeve made of padded nylon.

And the cherry on top? TSA is allowing these bags to be used in their screening processes. When traveling with the Trek Support, you no longer have to take your laptop out of the backpack: just unzip it the backpack completely, place it on the conveyor belt, and you're good to go.

The only downside is, you can't buy this product directly right now. Quirky's presale will take your credit card and, once they've confirmed that enough units have been bought, the products will ship out. So if you want to order one and get it soon, spreading the news might be a good idea.

For those that prefer a traditional charger and not a whole backpack, ebatts.com sells chargers and batteries for numerous devices...and you won't have to carry a backpack to do it.

Source: Trek Support Battery Powered Backpack

battery charging backpack


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HP Laptop That Lasts 24 Hours on Battery

clock September 24, 2010 18:42 by author Jeremy

Between mobile computing, mass-texting, constant recording, and non-stop work, today's technology age relies a lot on battery powered devices. Unfortunately, you still have to recharge your electronic device at some point. Longer lasting batteries are an important factor for consumers, and HP is starting to show just how competitive they are in this field.

With HP's latest laptop model, the HP EliteBook 6930p, consumers can reach up to 24 hours of battery life without having to charge their device once. Of course, this has certain prerequisites, namely their Ultra Capacity Battery and an LED display, but it may just be worth it for customers who are always on the move.

Though the EliteBook 6930p is the only HP battery so far to pass the 24-hour mark, there are still several other HP laptops that can surpass 10, and even 15, hours. The 6730b and the 6530b can both pass 15 hours with the Ultra Capacity Battery, and the 2533r can hit 15 hours with just the HP Extended Life Battery.

Currently, HP’s Ultra Capacity Battery is only available for a handful of models (in comparison to their large laptop selection). All other replacement HP laptop battery models are available on eBatts.com where you can find Hi-Capacity laptop batteries for HP laptops and other laptop manufacturers as well.


Source: HP Breaks the 24-Hour Battery Life Barrier

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