Of all that's happened at CES and AT&T's Developer Summit so far, one particular bit caught my attention: the Motorola Atrix. Perhaps it's because my iPhone 3G is starting to resemble a dumbphone instead of a smartphone (thanks to the number of times I've dropped it - at least you know it's durable!), or perhaps it's the specs of the Atrix. Either way, I'm hooked.

So what's so special about this phone, you ask? Let's take a look at the pictures that the lovely engadget crew attained during the press event (thanks engadget!):

...abuh? Did that screen just say dual-core processor? Let's throw on top of that, the fact that this device apparently comes with 1 GB of ram (double-take: ...abuh?), and a 1930mAh battery (triple-take: ...abuh?!). This thing is probably going to run better than my laptop.

"Today we are partnering to create a brand new category for consumers. We think it's a new paradigm for mobile," said Sanjay Jha, Motorola's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, just minutes before showing the crowd the new "webtop" and "laptop dock".

Webtop is an application on the phone that allows for full internet (including tabs!), keyboard, and mouse usage; when paired with the Laptop Dock (which comes at a thin size of 13.9mm), you can use its keyboard and gain a bigger screen. The phone is connected to the back of the Laptop Dock.

And in case the Laptop Dock attachment is too much for you, the HD Dock is a smaller unit that looks like it can be plugged into a computer monitor.

As nifty as this phone is, there's no official release date as of yet. Motorola is scheduled to have another press event at CES, so perhaps more details will be posted then. But for now, just know that this thing is a powerhouse.

UPDATE: AT&T has posted the Atrix 4G on their website! Click for details. Full specs shown!

    - Up to 48 GB of memory

    - Front-facing 5 megapixel camera

    - Fingerprint recognition

Source: engadget at AT&T Developer's Summit

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