This video tutorial shows customers how to remove their laptop battery and where to find the “battery lock clips” so that they can remove their laptop battery. Customers are also shown the common areas where they can find the original laptop and battery model numbers, in order to search for their corresponding replacement laptop battery.

Transcription of the laptop battery removal video.

Jeremy: "Hey there guys and gals, this is Jeremy from Today I'll be showing you how to remove a battery pack from your laptop. What we have here in front of us is a Compaq CQ60 laptop.

You just flip that over - warning: never try that at home, be a little more safe with your laptop.

Over here, we have the "Battery Lock Clip". You can just go ahead and pull that back, your battery will start to pop out, and you can then remove it from the laptop. Now in some cases, your laptop might actually have more than one clip. In that case, you'll have to press both, and your battery will begin to pop out.

Once you remove the battery from the laptop, you can begin to locate the battery model number. For this specific Compaq laptop, you see here in the top-left corner that this is an "EV-06".

A common place to find your laptop model number is on the corners of the laptop. For this specific model, we see that the model number is listed here in the bottom right corner of the screen. For other brands, it can also be listed in these corners and elsewhere.

For this laptop model, it also contains a sticker in the bottom left corner.

This concludes our video tutorial on how to locate battery model numbers, laptop model numbers, and how to remove your battery from your laptop.  For more video tutorials, visit our blog at”