As we enter the month of Halloween, it seemed only fitting for Mio I-zawa, Japanese designer, to show his latest creation: an iPhone-charging umbilical cord.


If you think the design and picture are awesome, then you should see the video of it: the cord actually moves, pushing your iPhone along with it. Best of all: it really does charge your iPhone with every nutrient-feeding-twitch.

In case you weren't in the market for just a charging cord (or if you just didn't want to read news that brought your breakfast back with it), then check out this nifty gadget: the Icon Power Pack, brought to you by IPEVO.

This external battery will plug into any iPhone 4 or previous generation, and charges with a mini-USB cable (provided). The real kicker is how it lights up when charging or being used. The front panel will show green bars lighting up when charging, and all the green bars will stay on when the battery is fully charged. When plugged into your iPhone, the bars will slowly disappear; when all four bars are flashing, the external battery has been drained and is due for another charge.

Source: The Icon Power Pack by IPEVO

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