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USPS Restricts Mailing of Lithium Batteries

clock June 1, 2012 22:41 by author Jeremy

As of May 16, 2012, USPS has changed part of their mailing rules and standards. Lithium batteries and cells (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable) are now not allowed to be shipped internationally or to any APO, FPO,  and DPO locations. This means that mailers also cannot send out products that have lithium batteries inside of them, including tech gadgets such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, and digital camera.

After January 1, 2013, limited quantities may be allowed to ship out internationally, as long as "the batteries are properly installed in the personal electronic devices they are intended to operate."

This does not affect the current rules for mailing lithium products within the United States, and lithium batteries (and their corresponding technical products) may still be shipped out normally. However, for international shipping, mailers may have to resort to private carriers such as FedEx.

Source: USPS

Digital Camera Battery Video

clock October 24, 2011 09:21 by author Ty

eBatts.com offers replacement digital camera batteries will meet or exceed OEM specifications, are 100% OEM compatible, and come with a full one year warranty. Check out our new digital camera battery and charger video that shows how our digital camera battery products are manufactured, processed and packaged as direct OEM replacements, and are made with only high quality battery cells and materials. All of our digital camera battery packs are UN tested and meet the highest industry safety standards.

Buy a Digital Camera Battery to replace your worn our battery and take more pictures between charges.

Duracell Digital Camera Battery and Digital Camera Charger Video

Types of Digital Camera Batteries

clock August 30, 2010 21:21 by author Ty

The three types of batteries you will find associated with digital cameras are model-specific batteries, universal rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries.

Model-specific digital camera batteries usually have a lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery chemistry. Advantages of model-specific batteries are they last the longest, come rechargeable with the camera, very compact, excellent battery life gauge, and carry a cheaper cost when compared to disposable batteries. There are disadvantages of model-specific batteries. Additional batteries will need to be purchased if many photos are taken and model-specific batteries will not work on different digital cameras.

Universal rechargeable batteries will have either a lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery chemistry. Some of the major advantages are long-lived battery life with hundreds of discharge / recharge cycles. Multiple batteries can be purchased, charged and carried on hand if hundreds of photos are taken in one day. Batteries are interchangeable with other cameras that take the same type of batteries, usually being AA-sized batteries.  Cost of batteries will be cheaper in the long run, versus disposable batteries. The only downside is that most digital cameras require at least two AA-sized batteries or more.

Disposable batteries are single use, come in standard sizes, and usually have lithium, alkaline or oxy-alkaline battery chemistry. Advantages with disposable batteries is they are readily available in stores, tend to last the longest versus rechargeable batteries, lightweight, and multiple batteries can be carried if hundreds of photos are taken on the same day. The disadvantage of disposable batteries is they are bad for the environment because they create extra waste. Alkaline batteries don’t last very long and are disposed very quickly when compared to a rechargeable battery.

Each digital camera owner has their own preferences for the type of digital camera they want and the type of batteries they want to use. With the fact that rechargeable batteries last the longest, can be used repeatedly for several years, and save the most money in the long run would make them a better choice. Just as long as you have battery power for your digital camera when you need to snap photos.

Replacement digital camera batteries are available for your digital camera.

Digital Camera Battery, Digital Camera Charger, Digital Camera Accessories, Digital Camera Power Adapter

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