Passing the 100,000 e-signature mark necessary for an official white house response, legislation on the legalization of unlocking cell phones is now in the fore front of government attention. Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota(D), Mike Lee of Utah (R) and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut (D) are the three individuals mobilizing the legislative efforts of the Wireless Consumer Choice Act. This bill would call on the Federal Consumer’s Commission to warrant that consumers can legally unlock their cell phones and switch mobile providers at any time they so choose. 

No doubt this bill is necessary not only for the rights of consumers, but also for its potential to provide a global market boost and promote healthy competition. It is only fair that consumers should have the choice flexibility over who their wireless provider is no matter what mobile phone they obtain. Although this bill would open up the door for healthy and necessary competition on the wireless market, what repercussions would this cause for cell phone manufactures and their innovative processes? For such a new bill, the backlash this could create is uncertain but as it develops (and most certainly after the March 12th hearing with the FCC), consumers and manufacturers’ worldwide will gain a clearer perspective.