A small, lightweight and compact camcorder is available with social media in mind. The Looxcie is a camcorder and headset built all in to one system. It’s small enough to wear on your ear and connects using Bluetooth technology to your cell phone. Stream video, audio, or both to your cell phone and upload the media clips to your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Phone calls can also used as a Bluetooth headset while video is continuously being recorded. The earbud and camera are flexible and can be swiveled 180 degrees to be worn on the left ear or right ear. Battery life is expected to last between 4-6 hours of use with voice and video recording. The Looxcie camera uses HVGA resolution and records at 15 frames per second. The Bluetooth signal can be sent up to 10 meters away to a cell phone running the Looxcie software. The Looxcie wearable camcorder can be found for around $199 and is a fun new gadget to use to update your friends through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

 Wearable Video Camera Camcorder


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