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CES 2013 Part 1: Tablets Galore!

clock January 10, 2013 20:09 by author Jeremy

What has tons of batteries and chargers available, and is currently present at CES? eBatts, of course! We're roaming the halls of Las Vegas, seeing what fancy new gadgets are coming out from the woodworks.

What caught our eye on this particular morning, you ask? Not one tablet, but four! Archos has introduced their Titanium series, consisting of the Archos 70 (7-inch), 80 (8-inch), 101 (10.1-inch) and 97 (9.7-inch). Each tablet will tout a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor, and will range from $119 to $250 depending on which size you get. Fairly good pricing, considering what you're getting.

If you lean towards Windows-products, don't feel left out - CES has already seen some intense Windows 8 tablets snatching the eyes of gadgeteers-on-the-go. For those that believe bigger is better, Vizio's 11.6-inch aptly-named Tablet PC will be running a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1080p screen. Also in the running for new 11" tablets are Gigabyte's S1185 (for consumers) and S1082 (for businessfolk).

Of course, you could be entirely different and aim for a slider, courtesy of MSI. The Slider S20 was actually seen even before CES began (having been seen at Computex last year), but nonetheless impresses with its admirable specs: 11.6-inch 1080p screen, i5 processor, USB 3.0 and 720p front-facing camera.

CES isn't over just yet, though, so perhaps we'll see even more of these portable inventions!

Sources: engadget (Archos) (Vizio) (Gigabyte) (MSI)


Vizio Enters the Laptop Market

clock July 7, 2012 01:03 by author Jeremy

Last month Vizio, known for their presence in the television market, started a new chain of laptop products. Titled "Thin + Light," they keep true to their name and resemble the Ultrabook-category.

The first Thin + Light model has a 14-inch, 1600x900 display, while the second one has a 15-inch, 1080p screen. Each contain Ivy Bridge processors and will have a battery life of roughly 7 hours. Meanwhile, a third product, dubbed the "15.6-inch Notebook," will have different specs (such as a Kepler GPU from NVIDIA), but will maintain the same 7-hour battery life.

So what can Vizio offer that other laptops don't? Each notebook will have a "V key" which lets you access Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other video providers. However, Vizio doesn't force these on you - no subscription to any service is required - you simply have a shortcut to get there, in case you want to. Vizio did mention that these services may be offering deals specific to these laptops at a later time.

Sources: prnewswire, engadget

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