Dell Venue Pro

Dell has accidentally shipped a batch of the Windows 7 Venue Pro smartphones with batteries labeled as "Engineering sample". With it's stunning 4.1" multi-touch display, full sliding QWERTY keyboard, and powerful Windows Phone 7; one quick look at the battery and you will notice the labeling stating that the battery is an "Engineering sample."

Dell Venue Pro Battery Engineering Sample

"So I went to the Microsoft store here in Denver CO. They told me that Dell accidentally sent engineering models to them and that’s why they were having issues with the wifi. Apparently this is a known issue with the Microsoft stores.
They were great customer service wise and swapped out my Venue Pro for an HD7 which is really awesome too."

As embarrassing as this may seem for Dell, Microsoft and T-Mobile, all batteries are being swapped out with the correct ones and any WiFi issues should be eliminated.

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