APC UPS Power Supply Battery Backup

Summer is almost here and would be a great time to check your UPS battery backup units and power surge strips to make sure you are ready for a rolling blackout, brownout, or power spike / surges. If you find that your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit is dead or showing a battery failure light, don't throw it away in the trash. Most of the UPS devices out on the market today have replaceable batteries and is more cost effective than buying a brand new unit. You can check for a replacement UPS battery in our eBatts.com database.

When everybody is running their air conditioners at work or home, it is not uncommon to see a rolling blackout or brownout hit on really hot days. By having a UPS battery backup, you can protect your computers, TV electronics, home entertainment systems and other expensive hardware that are easily susceptible to getting damaged during a brownout / blackout. Power surge protectors only protect electronics from a power spike and can still get damaged if complete power is lost during a blackout. This is why we recommend using a UPS battery backup unit.

UPS Battery  Replacement

If you are not sure what the difference is between a blackout, brownout or power surge we have put a definition list below.

Blackout: A blackout is from a complete loss of utility power from the power grid.

  • Crashes computer and electronic devices.
  • Data Loss.
  • Can damage hardware from immediate shutdown.
  • Restored power can cause a Power Surge and further damage electronics.

Brownout: A brownout is a decrease in voltage drop from utility power. This is caused by a very high demand on the power grid.

  • Damages hardware.
  • Data loss.
  • Crashes computers and electronic devices.

UPS backup battery

Power Surge / Power Spike: An increase in voltage from utility power. Lightning strikes are an example of causing this.

  • Damages power supplies in computers and shorts out electronic devices.
  • Causes corrupt data on computers.




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