Satellite cell phones are being pushed again in North America using a combination of AT&T and the TerraStar satellite network. Today AT&T began selling the TerraStar Genus to professional customers through businesses channels and should hit retail stores by the end of the year.

Initial costs of the TerraStar Genus satellite cell phone is $799 and needs the AT&T voice and data service plans to connect with no contract. The AT&T network is used when it is available, and switches to satellite when there is no service. There is an additional charge of $25 per month to use the satellite service and 65 cent per minute of calling. Text messages can also be sent over through the satellite network at a cost of 40 cents per message.  If you need to use the internet when there is no 2G or 3G network available, then an additional $5 per megabyte is added to your cell phone charges.

Of course these charges can add up quickly, but if you have a clear view of the southern sky, you should be able to easily get satellite cell phone signal to make calls, send and receive text messages, and browse the internet. The TerraStar Satellite is one of the largest commercial satellites online with a 60 foot wide gold mesh umbrella and is capable of picking up faint cell phone signals 22,000 miles down. Other companies have attempted to successfully launch a satellite cell phone company, and TerraStar definitely looks promising.

Source: TerraStar Satellite Cell Phone

TerraStar Satellite Cell Phone

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