Thus far, only excitement has followed the recent wave of augmented reality headsets (Google Glasses, Olympus' Meg 4.0). But no one has stopped to consider the possible negative repercussions that may come with these fancy pieces of eyewear. Steve Mann, however, got to experience those repercussions firsthand.

Said to be the "father of augmented reality" and "father of wearable computing," Mann has been researching and creating various headsets for decades. His gear doesn't record like the Google Glasses do, though; instead, his recent wearables (the EyeTap) actually help people with sight-related issues. This didn't stop him from being attacked by what Mann claims were McDonald's employees in Paris, France.

McDonald's has refuted this, claiming that their employees were only helpful. Mann also has some proof in the form on pictures taken by his EyeTap. Ironically, since the device only helps with sight, it doesn't normally take pictures; but due to attempts by the perpetrators to forcefully remove the device from Mann's head, the EyeTap malfunctioned and started taking pictures of those in sight. This was also after the perpetrators had ripped up various doctors' notes describing Mann's need for the headgear.

This may be seen as the first major incident involving augmented reality glasses since the new wave of interest has appeared. The big question on everyone's minds now though, is: What will happen when Google and other companies try to make these glasses mainstream? Will passerbys react violently, claiming rights for privacy?

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