Ever have a recurring dream where you're James Bond and you've been sent to spy on the enemy base with only floss, a microphone-pen and a tiny camera? ...No? .....Okay, just me then.

But in case you want that sort of dream to become reality, you'll first need a few things: floss, a microphone-pen, an enemy base, and JTT's newest "CHOBi CAM ONE". 

The tiny DSLR spy-cam can shoot pictures in 1600x1200, and VGA video at 30 frames per second. For the creative-kind of spy, there's three magnetically-swappable lenses to fulfill your photographic-urge. And even better, the camera has a micro SD slot so that you can take as many pictures of secret documents as you want.

The CHOBi CAM ONE brings a whole new meaning to "micro DSLR". It's also only available in Japan, though. Guess I'll keep dreaming... 

Source: Akihabara News, JTT

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