In this video, customers are provided an example of how to remove a battery from their netbook. We also demonstrate the two ways customers can find model numbers, with which they can use to find their corresponding replacement laptop battery.

Transcription of the netbook battery removal video.

Jeremy: "Hey everyone, this is Jeremy from, and today I'll be showing you how to remove a battery from a netbook.

This is our HP Mini, which we'll be using for an example today. (flip laptop over to expose bottom-side)

You'll notice that for this particular netbook, there are two battery locking clips located on either side of the battery. Once you push those forward, as indicated by the little arrows here, the battery will begin to pop out, and you can then pull it out.

There are two ways to find your replacement laptop battery. One way is to locate the battery model number, which is listed on the battery itself. As you can see from this example, this is an "HSTNN-LB0D".

The other way is to use the laptop model number itself, which is listed, sometimes, on the bottom of the laptop. In this example, the product is the "HP Mini 110". (flip)

A more common place to find your laptop model number is on the front. Here it is located on the bottom-right corner of the laptop screen.

This concludes our video tutorial on how to find the various model numbers associated with your netbook. For more video tutorials, check out our website at"