Motorola has released the Droid X today at all Verizon stores nationwide. The Driod X now joins the iPhone 4 and HTC EVO 4G in the battle for the superphone top spot. Apple's iPhone is flawed with reception problems on the AT&T network and could result in users switching over to Verizon to purchase the HTC Android X. July and August should be interesting months to see how well the Droid X sells to consumers.

Battery life on the Droid X is impressive with an eight-hour talk time and 10 days standby time. The Droid X is equipped with a 1540 mAh Lithium (Li-ion) battery, which is bigger than the 1500 mAh Evo 4G Lithium (Li-ion) battery and 1420 mAh iPhone 4 Lithium (Li-ion) battery. This should put the Droid X ahread of the iPhone 4 and EVO 4G by actually having a cell phone battery that will last throughout the whole day.

Motorola Droid X Pros:

  • Long battery life
  • Google Android OS v2.1
  • Bright, colorful, glossy 4.3 LCD screen
  • 8GB built-in memory; 16GB card pre-installed
  • 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, HD video recorder

Motorola Droid X Cons:

  • Top-heavy
  • Low call volume
  • Small physical control buttons
  • Screen washes out in bright sunlight
  • Below-average HD video

Motorola Droid X Verizon

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