Either this is an attempt by LG to go green and save paper, wastewater, and carbon emissions, or an attempt to just create something quite awesome. Coincidentally, they've managed to do both.

This futuristic newspaper (an e-paper, if you will), uses ink on metal foil, rather than glass or plastic (which is what's normally used). It can bend just like your normal newspaper, only this time, you won't have those permanent crease-marks! If you're familiar with how the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader work, then you'll be familiar with how the LG e-paper works.

Why didn't LG show this off during CES? We'll never know. But we do know that this 19 inch e-paper is just a prototype, and that LG plans to actually release a smaller 11.5 inch version to the market.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to have my comics constantly with me, without having to stop by somewhere to pick up a new paper each day. I mean, look at these happy people below: I'm sure there's a Peanuts or Zitz comic somewhere on the page they're looking at.

Warning: Just don't let your dog put this in their mouth every morning to bring to you. I'm sure he/she is trained to do just that, but the times...they are a'changin.

Source: inhabitat.com



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