We uploaded our first video review of the Duracell instant power charger. It can also be found as a USB battery booster for your cell phones, iPods, iPhones,PDA devices, MP3 players, and other small portable devices that can charge and run off USB power.

Duracell Instant Power Charger Specs:

  • Chemistry: Li-ion Battery
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Capacity: 1000mAh (New Models DR7000LI are 1150 mAh)
  • Weight: 4.2 oz
  • Certifications: CE, UL, RoHS
  • Comes with 1 USB to Mini USB cable

Average Additional Run Times:

  • iPod: 35 Hours
  • Cell Phone: 295 Minutes Talk Time, 350 Hours Standard Time
  • Smart Phone: 250 Minutes Talk Time, 230 Hours Standard Time
  • Handheld Game: 8 Hours
  • PDA: 4 Hours


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