As each year goes by, we see higher capacity batteries available in smaller sizes, and dual screen laptop setup ready to go by Onkyo! The last cool laptop I saw was the HP Pavilion HDX 20.1 in 1080P LCD screen with a tilt function and fingerprint login, SATA, Firewire USB plugs, Bluetooth and Wireless connections a few years back and I actually bought it to replace my desktop. This new dual screen laptop is a lot cooler than the new small netbooks with tiny LCD screens, and a lot more can be done with two tiny LCD screens! Personally, I think this is a lot cooler than the iPad and a lot more work can be done with a tiny dual screen netbook. We can raise the coolness factor if we go and install or dual boot the OS with Ubuntu.

Dual Screen Laptop Specs: AMD Athlon Neo CPU, 4GB of RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 7 Home Edition, Two 10.2-inch displays and the screens can twist around to be used as a tablet. Battery life is only 3.7 hours Max.

Dual Screel Laptop Netbook


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