Digital Cameras are very good at draining batteries very quickly. Most photographers carry multiple spare batteries on hand while doing a photo shoot. Weng Jie at Yanko Designs might have a solution with his new digital camera solar strap that is capable of recharging batteries for the digital camera. Most digital cameras are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and need to be recharged after every use.

A storage battery is built into each end of the strap and recharges batteries. The solar strap does not charge batteries while inside the camera and would require modification of the digital camera to accept this type of charging. Certain cameras also carry custom sized batteries and would need adapters for the strap. We could definitely see AA batteries charging with the solar strap, as some digital cameras come standard using AA Li-ion or AA Ni-MH batteries.

Digital Camera Solar Strap

Digital Camera Solar Strap Design Description: 


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