There are several companies focusing on long range and high performance electric motorcycles. Leading EV (Electric Vehicle) motorcycle companies such as Brammo Inc, Zero Motorcycles Inc, Roehr Motorcycles LLC and Mission Motor Company are participating in development of production electric motorcycles.  Most of the EV news today is focused on electric cars and takes the spotlight away from EV motorcycles. Today we are focusing on EV motorcycles, their availability and specifications for all motorcycle riders. There is also a nice EV Federal and State Tax credit when you purchase a new EV motorcycle, which ends up reducing the total cost of the new EV motorcycle.

EV Motorcycle Battery Pack

Brammo Inc. offers several electric motorcycles in their line-up that include the Enertia, Enertia Plus, Empulse, and Engage. The Enertia offers 29.5 ft-lbs of torque, a top speed of 60+ MPH, and an average range of 42 miles. The Enertia Plus offers 29.5 ft-lbs of torque, a top speed of 60+ MPH, and an average range of 80 miles which is double the range. The fastest of the Brammo EV motorcycle line-up is the Empulse, which offers 59 fl-lbs of torque, a top speed of 100+ MPH, and an average range of 60 to 100 miles, depending on the model purchased. Recharging the Empulse will also range from 6 to 10 hours. For the Empulse 6.0 model the average range is 60 miles, 80 miles for the Empulse 8.0 model, and 100 miles for the Empulse 10.0 model. Brammo also has 3 versions of the Engage model in the works with the Engage MX (motocross), Engage SMR (super moto racing), and Engage SMS (super moto street) that will all feature a clutch and gearshift with a mechatronic 6-speed. Currently the Brammo Enertia and Enertia Plus are available for purchase and the Empulse will be available mid 2011 with preorders being taken right now.

Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles Inc. also offers several electric motorcycle models that include the Zero S – Street, Zero DS – Dual Sport, Zero XU – Urban Crosser, Zero MX, and Zero X. The Zero S and Zero DS street models come with a 31 horsepower, 62.5 ft-lbs of toque electric motor, a top speed of 67 MPH, quick charges in 2.3 hours, standard charge 4 hours, and have a range of 58 miles off of a full charge. The Zero MX and Zero X off-road models have a run time of 30 to 60 minutes, can recharge in 1.2 to 2 hours, and a top speed of over 40+ MPH. There is also a Zero MX model that is street legal and the top speed is raised from 40 MPH to 57 MPH. The Zero XU is also street legal with a top speed of 51 MPH and a range of 30 miles. All Zero Motorcycle models are available in the United States and have a list of EV Federal and State tax credits on their Web site.


Zero S Electric Motorcycle

Roehr Motorcycles LLC electric motorcycle models include the eSuperSport, eSuperBike and eSuperBike RR. The eSuperSport electric motorcycle comes with a 67 horsepower, 29.5 ft-lbs of torque electric motor, single speed direct drive, a top speed of 100+ MPH, 75 mile range, and 7 hours to fully recharge. The eSuperBike is very similar to the eSuperSport, but comes with a 96 horsepower electric motor, single speed direct drive and up to 75 miles range off of a full charge. The eSuperBike RR is Roehr Motorcycles flagship electric sportbike that is designed to race in the current TTXGP and e-Power racing series. The eSuperBike RR is the same bike as the eSuperBike, but comes with race track ready specifications with upgraded suspension, brakes, rims and other track trim.

eSuperBike Electric Motorcycle

Mission Motor Company is developing two electric superbikes with the Mission One PLE and Mission R. The Mission One PLE comes with a 100 ft-lbs of torque electric motor, single speed transmission, top speed of 150 MPH, a range of 150 miles per charge and takes under 2 hours to quick charge, or 8 hours to recharge on a standard 120V outlet and is expected to ship out this year in 2011. The Mission R steps it up a notch with a 115 ft-lbs of torque electric motor and a top speed of 160+ MPH. These electric superbikes are a mark of how fast and serious the EV motorcycle is with power, performance and efficiency.

Mission One PLE Electric Motorcycle

MotoCzysz develops electric superbikes to compete in races and has produced an impressive electric superbike called the 2010 E1pc. The 2010 E1pc produces a whopping 125+ horsepower and 250 ft-lbs of torque catapult this EV superbike to speeds over 140 MPH. This bike also has a custom-built 12.5-kilowatt-hour lithium polymer battery that can be swapped in seconds at the track. This past year at the historic Isle of Man, the 2010 E1pc finished more than 3 minutes ahead of its competition on a 37.7 mile course.

2010 E1pc Electric Motorcycle

The electric vehicle (EV) market for cars and motorcycles is definitely in the growth stage. A huge leap in electric motorcycles has been seen in the past few years. Power, range and performance is improving each year, breaking track records and setting new competitive levels for EV technology. The EV motorcycle market is just as available as the EV car market is for consumers, and almost just as powerful.