The Alienware name carries a powerful meaning behind it for gaming enthustiasts. These computers and laptops are known for their sheer power and the cool little alien-looking symbol that's mind-controlling you to buy it. The mothership of Dell, however, has decided to make a few changes to the laptop-side as of late: they'll be cancelling their M15x laptop (the 15 is in reference to the screen size), but will finally begin shipping their new M18x.

The Alienware M18x lures unsuspecting victims with its unearthly specs, including i7 chips, up to 32 GB of RAM, and only the latest NVIDIA & ATI graphics cards. In case that wasn't enough to grab the attention of your human mind, there's also the fact that this laptop has a ginormous screen: 18" in diameter of pixels that you love to stare at every day. An extraterrestial of this size would need a fairly powerful battery, which Dell delivers in the form of its 12-cell, 97Whr, Li-Ion battery.

In case the M18x is a little too big for you, Dell still has their other sizes available: the M11x, M14x and the M17x. I'm sure the M15x will still be missed by certain individuals, though. Back to your home planet you go, Mr. 15-inch-Alien-laptop.

Sources: engadget (confirmation of removal of M15x), Dell

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