Panasonic offers a new 3D camcorder in digital high definition with 3D conversion lenses. The user attaches a 3D conversion lens, which is included with the camera, and can capture both the left and right images at the same time. The resolution of each image is captured at 960 x 1080 pixels and is captured using the side-by-side method. It is one of the first 3D video shooting camera that is estimated to cost under $2000 for consumers.

Special features of the 3D camcorder are full-HD 1080P and 60P progressive movie recording that allow resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 with 60 frames per second progressive recording. An advanced 3MOS system with a 3MOS sensor that splits the light information captured by the lens into the three primary colors and processes each color with its own individual sensor. Also included is an intelligent auto with hybrid I.O.S. (Optical Image Stabilization).

The Panasonic 3D camera goes on sale in Japan August 20, 2010 and should reach the U.S. consumer market this fall in October 2010.


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