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Motorola Unveils the Atrix 4G

clock January 6, 2011 00:20 by author Jeremy

Of all that's happened at CES and AT&T's Developer Summit so far, one particular bit caught my attention: the Motorola Atrix. Perhaps it's because my iPhone 3G is starting to resemble a dumbphone instead of a smartphone (thanks to the number of times I've dropped it - at least you know it's durable!), or perhaps it's the specs of the Atrix. Either way, I'm hooked.

So what's so special about this phone, you ask? Let's take a look at the pictures that the lovely engadget crew attained during the press event (thanks engadget!):

...abuh? Did that screen just say dual-core processor? Let's throw on top of that, the fact that this device apparently comes with 1 GB of ram (double-take: ...abuh?), and a 1930mAh battery (triple-take: ...abuh?!). This thing is probably going to run better than my laptop.

"Today we are partnering to create a brand new category for consumers. We think it's a new paradigm for mobile," said Sanjay Jha, Motorola's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, just minutes before showing the crowd the new "webtop" and "laptop dock".

Webtop is an application on the phone that allows for full internet (including tabs!), keyboard, and mouse usage; when paired with the Laptop Dock (which comes at a thin size of 13.9mm), you can use its keyboard and gain a bigger screen. The phone is connected to the back of the Laptop Dock.

And in case the Laptop Dock attachment is too much for you, the HD Dock is a smaller unit that looks like it can be plugged into a computer monitor.

As nifty as this phone is, there's no official release date as of yet. Motorola is scheduled to have another press event at CES, so perhaps more details will be posted then. But for now, just know that this thing is a powerhouse.

UPDATE: AT&T has posted the Atrix 4G on their website! Click for details. Full specs shown!

    - Up to 48 GB of memory

    - Front-facing 5 megapixel camera

    - Fingerprint recognition

Source: engadget at AT&T Developer's Summit

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Apple iPhone Alarm Bug Fix

clock January 3, 2011 19:07 by author Ty

Apple Iphone Clock App Alarm

If you're Apple iPhone Clock App is having alarm trouble and has caused you to sleep in a few times for 2011, there is a simple fix to prevent this. Apple claimed the alarms would start working again on Jan. 3, but alarm bugs are still being reported today. Apple acknowledged the bug publically, and indicated that a fix was in the works.

A quicker fix for the buggy alarm on the Apple iPhone Clock App is to delete all of the old alarms and create new ones for 2011.



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Best Products of 2010

clock December 31, 2010 01:02 by author Jeremy

With the new year approaching, we thought it would be nice to look back and reminisce over the new devices and products that came out. Instead, we found ourselves wondering: which of these did consumers actually like, and which were "best"? To answer that question, we've turned to several other blogs, to see what they thought which products were best and why.

In case you own one of the following products, be sure to check EBatts.com for batteries, chargers, and other accessories to go with your laptop, cell phone, digital camera, or camcorder.

Laptops: The writers at cnet.com have compiled a list of 5 laptops from 2010. These simple suggestions ignore the specifics of price ranges, screen size, specifications, and instead just serve as a reference for overall-great laptops. Videos and full-reviews are provided in the link.

1) Apple MacBook Pro

2) Toshiba Portege R705-P35

3) HP Envy 17

4) Samsung QX410-J01

5) Dell XPS 15


Phones: Once again, cnet.com provides the information. Their review over the best cell phones of 2010 is split between regular cell phones and smartphones. See the links for full-reviews, including the ratings they've given for each phone (out of 10 points, or 5 stars).


1) Samsung Epic 4G

2) HTC Evo 4G (Sprint)

3) HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon Wireless)

4) Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T)

5) T-Mobile G2

6) Motorola Droid X (Verizon Wireless)

7) T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

8) Samsung Focus (AT&T)

9) RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G (AT&T)

10) LG Optimus T (T-Mobile)

Cell Phones:

1) LG dLite (T-Mobile)

2) LG Lotus Elite (Sprint)

3) Casio G'zOne Brigade (Verizon Wireless)

4) Samsung Reality (Verizon Wireless)

5) LG VU Plus (AT&T)

6) Pantech Ease (AT&T)


Digital Cameras: With so many digital cameras out in the market, it's always a hard choice to pick which one you want. Gizmodo, however, has been kind enough to point out which digital cameras they thought were best from 2010. See the link for details!

1) Canon S95

2) Nikon P7000

3) Panasonic Lumix LX5


Camcorders: Last but not least, we have our handy video-recording camcorders. Squidoo has come up with a list of the best selling/top rated camcorders from 2010. This is a rather comprehensive review, providing multiple lists based on different categories: top 10 based on customer reviews (seen below), top 10 best sellers, and top 10 best sellers for advanced videographers.

1) Panasonic HDC-SD60K

2) Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150

3) Panasonic HDC-TM55K

4) 4GB Black Flip Ultra Video Camera

5) Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40

6) Panasonic HDC-TM700K

7) Canon VIXIA HF S200

8) Panasonic HDC-TM15

9) Panasonic HDC-HS60

10) Sanyo VPC-CG20 (High-Def)

(Note: Again, this is only the section based on customer reviews; check the link for the other two sections of best sellers, and best sellers for advanced videographers.)


And so ends our search for some of the best products around this past year. From everyone at EBatts.com, we wish you a Happy New Year, and we'll see you on the other side (of the calendar). :)

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European Commission Pushes for Standardized Chargers

clock December 30, 2010 00:39 by author Jeremy

In June 2009, fourteen mobile-phone producing companies agreed to start using a standardized charger for all data-enabled mobile phones. The agreen-upon connector will be the Micro USB.

The fourteen companies included are: Apple, Emblaze Mobile, Huawei Technologies, LGE, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Research in Motion (RIM), SonyEricsson, TCT Mobile (ALCATEL), Texas Instruments and Atmel. The first mobile phones to use the new standardized Micro USB charger should hit the European market as soon as 2011's first quarter.

"It is a true win-win situation," the press release states. "The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste, and benefit businesses."

For those that wish to celebrate this wondrous occasion with us, feel free to purchase a Micro USB Charger at EBatts.com, and then marvel at the fact that your new charger will soon be used everywhere in Europe. :)

Source: Europa Press Release

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IBM Predicts Holographic Cell Phones

clock December 28, 2010 00:15 by author Jeremy

IBM has produced a yearly tradition of predicting the technological advancements in the next 5 years. One of the more popular predictions this year for 2015, was the ability for cell phones to product holographic images.

These images are thought to be seen without the use of 3D glasses, and will be interactive as well.

Other predictions made include social networks acting as data input; computer heat being used to provide warmth in housing; GPS navigation systems and car sensors learning and predicting environmental patterns (accidents, traffic, daily routes, etc); and newer advancements in batteries and battery technology, including the use of kinetic energy as a power source.

Bloomberg provides a more in-depth analysis of the predictions.


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