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Types of Digital Camera Batteries

clock August 30, 2010 21:21 by author Ty

The three types of batteries you will find associated with digital cameras are model-specific batteries, universal rechargeable batteries, and disposable batteries.

Model-specific digital camera batteries usually have a lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery chemistry. Advantages of model-specific batteries are they last the longest, come rechargeable with the camera, very compact, excellent battery life gauge, and carry a cheaper cost when compared to disposable batteries. There are disadvantages of model-specific batteries. Additional batteries will need to be purchased if many photos are taken and model-specific batteries will not work on different digital cameras.

Universal rechargeable batteries will have either a lithium-ion (Li-ion) or nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery chemistry. Some of the major advantages are long-lived battery life with hundreds of discharge / recharge cycles. Multiple batteries can be purchased, charged and carried on hand if hundreds of photos are taken in one day. Batteries are interchangeable with other cameras that take the same type of batteries, usually being AA-sized batteries.  Cost of batteries will be cheaper in the long run, versus disposable batteries. The only downside is that most digital cameras require at least two AA-sized batteries or more.

Disposable batteries are single use, come in standard sizes, and usually have lithium, alkaline or oxy-alkaline battery chemistry. Advantages with disposable batteries is they are readily available in stores, tend to last the longest versus rechargeable batteries, lightweight, and multiple batteries can be carried if hundreds of photos are taken on the same day. The disadvantage of disposable batteries is they are bad for the environment because they create extra waste. Alkaline batteries don’t last very long and are disposed very quickly when compared to a rechargeable battery.

Each digital camera owner has their own preferences for the type of digital camera they want and the type of batteries they want to use. With the fact that rechargeable batteries last the longest, can be used repeatedly for several years, and save the most money in the long run would make them a better choice. Just as long as you have battery power for your digital camera when you need to snap photos.

Replacement digital camera batteries are available for your digital camera.

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Lithium Ion Batteries Become Safe – Add Water and Lose Oxygen

clock August 20, 2010 02:50 by author Susan

Water Battery Lithium Ion AqueousA low cost and safe alternative has been discovered by scientists by adding water to lithium ion batteries. Aqueous lithium ion batteries are inexpensive to manufacture and less dangerous when compared to standard lithium ion batteries. By eliminating oxygen in the lithium-sulfate and water electrolyte solution, the batteries’ capacity has increased, but for small capacities.

The aqueous lithium ion battery can only retain 50% of its charge after 100 charge / discharge cycles, which isn’t acceptable with laptops, digital cameras and other electronic devices. By leaving the pH alone, removing as much oxygen as possible from the battery, and using carbon coated electrodes the batteries’ capacity retention increased to 90% after over 1000 cycles.  The only problem is the aqueous lithium ion battery provided power that lasted 10 minutes, whereas the same type of lithium ion battery lasted 8 hours.

The Aqueous lithium ion battery may not be the right solution for laptops, but might come in handy for devices with short term use, utilizing solar panels and other forms of recharging.

Safer lithium ion batteries: add water, lose the oxygen.


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Battery Recalls and Battery Replacements for iPod Nano and BlackBerry

clock August 17, 2010 02:23 by author Ty

Battery recalls and battery replacements for two manufacturers, Apple and Asurion, are replacing and recalling products back this month for battery overheating problems.

Apple’s Japan unit is offering free replacements with the first-gen iPod Nano devices due to overheating batteries that can lead to minor burns for customers. There have been at least 27 cases reported of overheating incidents with 6 fires that left burns on 4 people.  Many of these defective models were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. Apple has sold around 1.8 million units of the first-generation iPod Nano in Japan since September 2005.

Visit Apple’s support page for the iPod Nano battery.

Asurion is recalling counterfeit BlackBerry branded batteries because the batteries can overheat and pose as a fire hazard.  There have been two reports of the BlackBerry®-branded batteries burning a consumer’s finger and also property damage to a sofa and a car seat.  The cell phone batteries were used across virtually all cell phone models of refurbished BlackBerry devices distributed by Asurion prior to November 1, 2009. It is recommended that these batteries stop being used and get replaced for free with upgraded batteries.

More information on replacing your overheating Blackberry battery.

Aftermarket BlackBerry cell phone batteries are available to replace your worn out OEM BlackBerry batteries.

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New Panasonic 3D Camera HD this Fall

clock August 9, 2010 19:05 by author Ty

Panasonic offers a new 3D camcorder in digital high definition with 3D conversion lenses. The user attaches a 3D conversion lens, which is included with the camera, and can capture both the left and right images at the same time. The resolution of each image is captured at 960 x 1080 pixels and is captured using the side-by-side method. It is one of the first 3D video shooting camera that is estimated to cost under $2000 for consumers.

Special features of the 3D camcorder are full-HD 1080P and 60P progressive movie recording that allow resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 with 60 frames per second progressive recording. An advanced 3MOS system with a 3MOS sensor that splits the light information captured by the lens into the three primary colors and processes each color with its own individual sensor. Also included is an intelligent auto with hybrid I.O.S. (Optical Image Stabilization).

The Panasonic 3D camera goes on sale in Japan August 20, 2010 and should reach the U.S. consumer market this fall in October 2010.


Check out additional specs and information on the Panasonic 3D video camera. If you are looking for a new Panasonic camcorder battery, we carry them in stock on eBatts.com.

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