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Asus Laptop Batteries and Chargers

Find Asus laptop batteries, Asus laptop chargers and power adapters for your laptop quickly and easily! Use the search box below to find your Asus laptop model.

Buy with confidence: Our replacement Asus laptop batteries, Asus laptop chargers and adapters meet or exceed Asus factory standards, with a full one year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Reliable quality at a fraction of the price of laptop manufacturer-branded products: the only difference is the money you save!
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Replacement Asus laptop batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for all models below:
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(9050117 F6A-X2) A53SV-EH71 K43E-3DVX R500A
1005PEB-RR A53SV-HN5 K43E-3EVX R500A-BB71-CB
1016PTBU37BK A53SV-NH51 K43E-3FVX R500A-BH71
1222971 A53SV-NH71 K43E-3HVX R500A-RH51-WT
1257145 A53SV-SX041V K43E-3IVX R500A-RH52
1257181 A53SV-SX046V K43E-3JVX R500A-RS51
1257685 A53SV-SX053V K43E-ME1 R500V
1257894 A53SV-SX059X K43E-ME3 R503C
1304487962 (U47VC-DS51) A53SV-SX106V K43E-VX032V R503C-RH31
1304723763 (U31SD-DH31) A53SV-SX117V K43E-VX037 R704A
1304920803 (X55C-XH31) A53SV-SX456D K43E-VX052R R704A-RH51
1304920810 (K55A-XH71) A53SV-SX480V K43E-VX056 S300CA-BBI5T01
1304920827 (X75A-XH51) A53SV-SX482D K43E-VX057 S400CA-SI30305S
1304938808 (R500A-RH52) A53SV-SX487V K43E-VX065 S62
1305087635 (R503C-RH31) A53SV-SX498V K43E-VX113 S6F
1305087642 (X501A-RH31) A53SV-SX515V K43E-VX114V S6F Leather Collection
1305122572 (R704A-RH51) A53SV-SX537V K43E-VX118 S96
1305372489 (X401U-EBL4) A53SV-SX538V K43E-VX120D S96J
1305391664 (R500A-RH51-WT) A53SV-SX618D K43E-VX122 S96JF
1305555769 (P43E-XH51) A53SV-SX640 K43E-VX123 S96JH
1305668629 (N56VJ-WH71) A53SV-SX642 K43E-VX124 S96JP
1305962888 (X75A-DH31) A53SV-SX643V K43E-VX127 S96JS
1305962895 (K55A-DH71) A53SV-SX710D K43E-VX139 U20
1305962932 (X55C-DH31) A53SV-SX710V K43E-VX139D U20A
1305962949 (N76VJ-DH71) A53SV-SX791V K43E-VX226 U20F
1647223 A53SV-SX792 K43E-VX259R U20FT
1769288 A53SV-SX792V K43E-VX301R U20G
1773105 A53SV-SX825D K43E-VX306R U24E
1775024 A53SV-SX958 K43E-VX307R U24E-XS71
2042036 A53SV-SX959 K43E-VX3308R U30
2043044 A53SV-TH71 K43E-VX351 U31SD
2043071 A53SV-TH72 K43E-VX352 U31SD-DH31
2043099 (G73SW-BST8) A53SV-V1G K43E-VX356 U31SD-XH51
3411094 A53SV-VX792 K43E-VX377R U31SG
3411128 A53SV-XC1 K43E-VX423D U31SG-AS31
3757001 A53SV-XE1 K43E-VX425 U31SG-AS52
3792686 (UX31E-DH72) A53SV-XE2 K43E-VX452V U31SG-DS31
3862011 (U31SD-DH31) A53SV-XN1 K43E-VX492 U32
3869087 A53SV-XT1B K43E-VX541D U32U
4005394 A53SV-XT2 K43E-VX660 U32U-ES21
4550661 A53T K43E-VX766D U32U-ES21 (Silver)
4566195 A53TA K43E-VX807 U33JC
4566353 (U56E-BAL7) A53TA-EH61 K43E-VX926 U43
4566459 (U46E-BAL7) A53TA-SX080 K50 U43F
4601974 A53TA-SX080V K50AB U43F-BBA5
4694132 (X54C-BBK7) A53TA-SX080X K50I U43F-BBA6
4732424 A53TA-SX090 K50I-RBBBZ05 U43F-BBA7
4732424 (K53E-BBR14) A53TA-SX111 K50I-RBBGR05 U43JC
4809765 (K53E-DS52) A53TA-SX112 K50IJ U43JC-1A
4843155 (K53E-DS51) A53TA-SX128 K50IJ-A1 U43JC-BBA6
4845471 (K53E-DS31) A53TA-SX137 K50IJ-B1 U43JC-BBA7
4854846 (X54C-BBK9) A53TA-XE2 K50IJ-BBZ5 U44SG
4854891 (K53E-BBR15) A53TA-XN1 K50IJ-BNC5 U46 Series
4863413 (K53SD-DS71) A53U K50IJ-C1 U46E
4909782 (X53E-RS51) A53U-AS21 K50IJ-RX05 U46E Series
4920039 (K73SD-DS51) A53U-AS21 (Mocha) K50IN U46E-BAL5
4920048 (N55SL-DS71) A53U-AS22 K50IN-RBCBR05 U46E-BAL6
4920057 (N73SM-DS72) A53U-AS22 (Mocha) K50Z U46E-BAL7
4939277 (U24E-XS71) A53U-EB11 (Mocha) K52 U46E-EAL6
5036973 (K53E-BBR17) A53U-EH11 K52DR U46J Series
5043627 (K53Z-BBR3) A53U-EH11 (Mocha) K52DR-BIN6 U46JC Series
5218223 (K53E-BBR19) A53U-EH21 K52F U46S Series
5218417 (K53E-BBR23) A53U-EH22 K52F-BBR5 U46SD Series
5218541 (X54C-BBK17) A53U-ES01 K52F-BBR9 U46SM
5218639 (X54C-BBK19) A53U-ES21 K52F-BIN6 U46SM Series
5584485 (U57A-BBL4) A53U-ES21 (Mocha) K52F-D1 U46SM-DS51
5587561 (U47A-BGR4) A53U-SX126V K52JB U46SV
5732079 (U47VC-DS51) A53U-XE1 K52Jr U46SV Series
6087193 (K55A-BI5093B) A53U-XE2 K52N U47A
6769421 (Q500A-BHI5N01) A53U-XT2 K52N-A1 U47A-BGR4
6775213 (Q400A-BHI7N03) A53XXX K52N-BGR5 U47A-RGR6
6890562 (K55A-HI5121E) A53Z K52N-BIN6 U47A-RS51
6904584 (X55C-XH31) A53Z-AS61 K53 U47VC
6904618 (K55A-XH51) A53Z-AS61 (Mocha) K53E U47VC-DS51
6904636 (K55A-XH71) A54 K53E-BBR1 U5 series (White)
6904654 (K55A-DH71) A54C K53E-BBR11 U50
6904672 (N76VJ-DH71) A54C-AB31 K53E-BBR14 U50A
6904809 (X75A-XH51) A54C-AB31 (Black) K53E-BBR15 U50A-RBBML
6904845 (X55C-DH31) A54C-AB91 K53E-BBR17 U50A-RBBML05
6904872 (K55A-DH51) A54C-AB91 (Black) K53E-BBR19 U50F
6906088 (Q500A-BHI7T05) A54H K53E-BBR21 U50F-RBBAG
6999323 (X401A-HCL122I) A54H-SX080V K53E-BBR23 U50F-RBBAG05
7525157 (K55N-RHA8N29) A54H-SX081V K53E-BBR3 U50V
7658047 (Q500A-BSI5N04) A54H-SX140V K53E-BBR4 U50VG
7687045 (K55A-SI50301P) A54H-SX147V K53E-BBR5 U50VG-1A
7906079 (X501A-SI30302Q) A54H-SX204 K53E-BBR7 U52
8617847 (U6S-X1) A54H-SX204V K53E-BBR9 U52F-BBG6
90NEDA4F13BE4CQL559Y A54HR K53E-DH31 U52F-BBL9
90NLCA5311 A54HR-SX140V K53E-DH52 U52JC-BBG6
9172851 A54HY K53E-DS31 U53
9251392 A54L K53E-DS51 U53F
9366526 A54L-SX088V K53E-DS52 U53JC
9366679 A54LY K53E-RBR4 U53JC-1A
9413878 (UX50V-A1) A55 Series K53E-RBR5 U56
9555992 A55A K53E-RBR9 U56E
9556036 A55A-AB31 K53E-YH31-RD U56E-BAL7
9556811 A55A-AB31 (Charcoal) K53ERF-BBR11 U56E-BBL5
9556893 A55A-AB51 K53ERF-BBR17 U56E-BBL6
9568112 (G60VX-RBBX09) A55A-AH31 K53SD U56E-RAL9
9614627 A55A-AH31 (Black) K53SD-DS51 U56E-RBL7
9700714 A55A-AH31 (Red) K53SD-DS71 U56E-RBL8
9700741 A55A-AH31 (White) K53SD-SX111D U56J
9701922 A55A-AH31 Red K53SV U56JC
9705424 A55A-AH31-RD K53SV-A1 U56S
9705433 A55A-AH31-RD (Red) K53SV-DH51 U56SV
9705442 A55A-AH31-WT K53SV-DH71 U57A
9741729 A55A-AH31-WT (White) K53TA U57A-BBL4
9963747 A55A-AH51 K53TA-BBR6 U57ARF-BBL4
9964479 A55D K53U U5A (White)
9965963 A55DE K53U-JS11 U5F (White)
9966308 A55DR K53U-RBR5 U6E
A3 series A55N K53U-RBR6 U6S
A3000 series A55V K53U-YH21 U6S-X1
A3000E A55VD K53Z-BBR3 U6Sg
A3000G A55VM K53Z-FH41-CB U6V
A3000L A55VS K53ZRF-BBR3 U6Vc
A3000N A6 series K54L U80
A3E A6000 series K55 U80A
A3G A6000G K55 Series U80A-RSTM
A3L A6000GA K55A U80E
A3N A6000K K55A-BBL4 U80F
A4000 series A6000L K55A-BI5093B U80V
A4000D A6000N K55A-DB51 U81
A4000G A6000NE K55A-DH51 U81A
A4000GA A6000U K55A-DH71 U81A-RBBDR
A4000K A6000V K55A-DS51 U81A-RBBDRD05
A4000KA A6000VA K55A-DS51 (Mocha) U81A-RX05
A4000L A6000VC K55A-HI5014L U89
A4000S A6G K55A-HI5103D U89V
A43 Series A6GA K55A-HI512 UL20FT
A43B A6K K55A-HI5121E UL30
A43BY A6L K55A-SI50301P UL30A
A43C A6N K55A-SI50303R UL30A-X5
A43E A6NE K55A-XH51 UL30Jt
A43E-VX038D A6U K55A-XH71 UL30Vt
A43E-VX067 A6V K55N BH81 UL50
A43E-VX086 A6Va K55N-BA809 UL50Ag
A43E-VX323D A6VC K55N-BA8094C UL50AG-RBB
A43E-VX325D A72F K55N-DS81 UL50AG-RBBBK05
A43E-VX326D A73E K55N-DS81 (Black) UL50AG-RBBBK07
A43E-VX332D A73E-AS31 K55N-HA812 UL50Vt
A43E-VX337D A73E-AS31 (Mocha) K55N-HA8123K UL50VT-RBB
A43E-VX382D A8 series K55N-RHA8N29 UL50VT-RBBBK05
A43E-VX559D A8000 series K55N-SA804 UL80
A43E-VX597D A8000F K55N-SA80403V UL80J
A43F A8000J K55VD UL80J-BBK5
A43J A8000Ja K55VD-DB51 UL80Jt
A43JA A8000Jc K55VD-DS71 UL80VT-A1
A43JB A8000Jm K55VM UX50
A43JC A83 K60i UX50V
A43JP A83SD K61 VivoBook S300C
A43JQ A83SD-VX344V K61IC VivoBook S300CA
A43JR A83SJ K70 VX5-A2B
A43JV A83SV K70IO VX7 Series
A43S A83T K72 Series VX7SX Series
A43SA-VX0230 A83TA K72D VX7SX-DH71
A43SA-VX071D A83U K72DR W7 series
A43SJ-VX068 A8A K72F W7J
A43SJ-VX068D A8Dc K72J W7S
A43SJ-VX129 A8F K72JB X301A
A43SJ-VX138R A8Fm K72JC X401A-BHPDN39
A43SJ-VX138V A8H K72JE X401A-BHPDN41
A43SJ-VX192 A8He K72JF X401A-HCL122I
A43SJ-VX216 A8J K72JH X401A-RBL4
A43SJ-VX223D A8Ja K72JK X401A-RGN4
A43SJ-VX240 A8Jc K72JL X401A-RPK4
A43SJ-VX240V A8Je K72JM X401ARF-RBL4
A43SJ-VX259 A8Jm K72JO X401ARF-RGN4
A43SJ-VX259V A8Jn K72JQ X401ARF-RPK4
A43SJ-VX313 A8Jp K72Jr X401U
A43SJ-VX314V A8Jr K72JT X401U-EBL4
A43SJ-VX335 A8Js K72JU X44H-BBR4
A43SJ-VX339D A8Jv K72JV X44H-BBR5
A43SJ-VX349D A8Le K72JW X44H-BBR7
A43SJ-VX392V A8M K72K X44H-BD2GS
A43SJ-VX395D A8Sc K72L X44L-BBK2
A43SJ-VX396D A8Sr K72N X44L-BBK4
A43SJ-VX400D A8Tc K72P X451MA
A43SJ-VX400V A8Tm K72Q X501 Series
A43SJ-VX401 A9 K72R X501A
A43SJ-VX401V A9C K72S X501A-BSPDN22
A43SJ-VX403D A9R K72Y X501A-HPD121H
A43SJ-VX490D A9RP K73 Series X501A-RH31
A43SJ-VX498V A9Rt K73E X501A-SI30302Q
A43SJ-VX499D A9T K73E-BBR7 X52
A43SJ-VX501D A9W K73E-DH31 X53
A43SJ-VX502D B43A K73J X53E
A43SJ-VX510D B43J K73JK X53E-BB31-CB
A43SJ-VX510V B43S K73S X53E-BH71
A43SJ-VX511V B43S-XH51 K73SD-DS51 X53E-FS31-CB
A43SJ-VX590 B43S-XH71 K73SV X53E-RB31-RD
A43SJ-VX590V B53A K73SV-DH51 X53E-RH31
A43SJ-VX594D B53S K75DE-BH01-CB X53E-RH32-RD
A43SJ-VX712V B53S-XB71 K75VJ-DH51-CA X53E-RH51
A43SJ-VX713 B53S-XS71 K84L X53E-RH52
A43SJ-VX713V B80A K93SV X53E-RS31
A43SJ-VX714V D550CA-RS31 L5 X53E-RS31-BU
A43SJ-VX715V D550MAV-DB01 L50 X53E-RS31-RD
A43SJ-VX716 D550MAVDB01 L5000 X53E-RS32
A43SJ-VX718V Eee PC 1008P-KR-PU37-PI L5000C X53E-RS51
A43SJ-VX792D F2 L5000D X53E-RS51-BU
A43SJ-VX857D F2 Series L5000G X53E-RS52
A43SV F2F L50VN X53E-RS53
A43SV-VS264V F2Hf L54C X53E-RS53-CBIL
A43SV-VX028V F2J L5800C X53E-RS91
A43SV-VX044V F2Je L5800DF X53E-RS92
A43SV-VX053D F3 L5800GA X53E-RS92-CA
A43SV-VX053V F3 Series L5800GM X53E-RS93
A43SV-VX072D F3E L5800GX X53E-RS93-RD
A43SV-VX073D F3E-AP073C L5900 X53E-SB31
A43SV-VX073V F3F L5C X53E-XR1
A43SV-VX090D F3F-AP007H L5D X53E-XR3
A43SV-VX096D F3F-AP010H L5G X53SD
A43SV-VX157D F3H L7000 X53SD-RS51
A43SV-VX172D F3H-AP003C L7000C X53SD-RS71
A43SV-VX194D F3H-AP005C L7200 X53SV
A43SV-VX203V F3H-AP041C L7300 X53SV-RH71
A43SV-VX204R F3J L8400C-800C X53U
A43SV-VX213V F3Ja L8400C-800D X53U-BS21
A43SV-VX233D F3Jc L8400K X53U-RB11
A43SV-VX243D F3JF M50 X53U-RH11
A43SV-VX264V F3Jm M50Sa X53U-RH21
A43SV-VX270D F3Jp M50Sr X53UR1
A43SV-VX270R F3Jr M50Sv X53Z
A43SV-VX690D F3Jv M50SV-X2 X53Z-RS63
A43SV-VX718V F3Ka M50Vc X53Z-RS64
A43TA F3Ke M50Vm X54C-BB31-CB
A43TA-VX034D F3L M50VN X54C-BBK11
A43TA-VX047V F3P M51 X54C-BBK13
A43TA-VX049D F3P-AP021C M51A X54C-BBK15
A43U F3Q M51Kr X54C-BBK17
A45 Series F3Sa M51Se X54C-BBK19
A45A F3Sc M51Sn X54C-BBK21
A45DE F3Se M51Sr X54C-BBK22
A45DR F3Sr M51Ta X54C-BBK24
A45N F3Sv M51Tr X54C-BBK3
A45V F3SV-A1 M51Va X54C-BBK5
A45VD F3T M51Vr X54C-BBK7
A45VD-VX026R F3Tc M60VP X54C-BBK9
A45VD-VX027D F3U M70 X54C-NS92
A45VG F3U-AP099C M70Sa X54C-RB01
A45VM F50 M70Sr X54C-RB31
A45VM-VX029V F50GX M70T X54C-RB91-CB
A45VM-VX055V F50S M70Vm X54C-RB92
A45VS F50Sf-A1 M70Vn X54C-RS01
A52 F50Sf-A2 M70Vr X54CMS91
A52F F50SV M9 Series X54CRF
A53 F50SV-A2 M9F X54H-BD1BH
A53 Series F50SV-X4C M9J X54H-BD3MA
A53B F6 M9V X54HY
A53BR F6A N10E X54L
A53BR-SX005V F6A-X2 N10J X54L-BBK2
A53BR-SX042V F6V N10JB X54L-BBK4
A53BR-SX045V F6Ve N10JH X55 Series
A53BY F70 N43SL X551CA-BI30804C
A53BY-SX089V F7000 N43SL-DH51 X551MA
A53BY-SX145V F70SL N43SL-DS51 X551MA-RCLN03
A53BY-SX188V F75 Series N45 X555LA-SI30202G
A53BY-SX189V F75A N46 X55A
A53C-SX137V F75A-TY037D N46V X55A-BCL092A
A53C-SX138V F75A-WH31 N46VM X55A-HPD12
A53C-SX146S F8 Series N46VZ X55C
A53C-SX159S F80 Series N50Vc X55C-DH31
A53C-SX241V F80Cr N50Vn X55C-HPD111F
A53C-SX327V F80L N51VF X55C-SI30202M
A53C-SX359V F80Q N55 X55C-XH31
A53E F80S N55SF X55S
A53E-A1B F82 N55SL-DS71 X55Sr
A53E-AH51 F83T N56 X55SV
A53E-AS31 F8P N56V X70E
A53E-AS31 (Black) F8Sa N56VJ X70F
A53E-AS31 (Red) F8Sn N56VJ-DH71 X70Kr
A53E-AS31 (White) F8Sp N56VJ-WH71 X70L
A53E-AS31-RD (Red) F8Sv N56VM X71
A53E-AS31-WT F8Va N56VM-AB71 X71 Series
A53E-AS31-WT (White) F8Vr N56VM-RB71-CA X71A
A53E-AS51 F9 N56VZ X71Q
A53E-AS52 F9Dc N56VZ-DS71 X71SL
A53E-AS52 (Black) F9E N61 X71Tp
A53E-AS52 (Red) F9F N61Jq X71Vn
A53E-CCT2 F9J N61Jv X75 Series
A53E-CCT3 F9S N61Vg X75A
A53E-EH31 G1S-X1 N70 X75A-DB31
A53E-EH71 G1S-X3 N70Sv X75A-DH31
A53E-EH91 G1SN-X1 N73 Series X75A-XH51
A53E-ES21 G2p N73F X75VD
A53E-ES31 G2s N73G X75VD-BB51-CB
A53E-ES71 G2S-X1 N73J X75VD-DB51
A53E-ES92 G53 Series N73JF X80 Series
A53E-ES92 (Black) G53JQ N73JG X80Le
A53E-NH51 G53JW N73JN X80N
A53E-NH71 G53SW N73Jq X80Z
A53E-NS51 G53SW Series N73S X83Vb
A53E-SX1339S G53SW-BST6 N73SD X83VB-X1
A53E-SX1538V G53SW-XA1 N73SL X83VB-X2
A53E-SX230S G53SX N73SM X83Vm
A53E-SX230V G53SX Series N73SM-DS72 X83VM-X1
A53E-SX637V G53SX-A1 N73SN X83VM-X2
A53E-TH31 G53SX-DH71 N73SQ Z53
A53E-TH52 G60 N73SV Z53 Series
A53E-TS51 G60JX N73SV-A1 Z53H
A53E-TS52 G60JX-RBBX N73SV-A3 Z53J
A53E-XA2 G60JX-RBBX05 N73SV-DH72 Z53Jc
A53E-XE2 G60VX-RBBX05 N73V Z53Jr
A53E-XE3 G60VX-RBBX09 N75 Z53Jv
A53E-XN1 G73 N75SF Z53M
A53E-XT3 G73JH N75SF-DH71 Z53Sc
A53F G73JH-A3 N76 Z53T
A53J G73JH-BST7 N76V Z53Tc
A53JB G73JH-RBBX N76VJ-DH71 Z54C Series
A53JC G73JH-RBBX05 N76VM Z54C-JB91
A53JE G73JH-RBBX09 N76VZ Z54C-JS31
A53JH G73JH-RCNX09 N76VZ-DS71 Z54C-JS91
A53JQ G73JH-X1 N80 Series Z83V
A53JR G73JH-X5 N80Vc Z91 Series
A53JT G73JHHST7 N80Vn Z9100 Series
A53JU G73JHRCNX09 N81 Series Z9100E
A53S G73JHX5 N81Vg Z9100ER
A53SD G73JW N81Vp Z9100G
A53SD-ES71 G73S N82 Series Z9100L
A53SD-NS51 G73SW N82Jq Z9100N
A53SD-SX117 G73SW-A1 N90 Z91E
A53SD-SX117V G73SW-BST6 N90Sv Z91ER
A53SD-SX199V G73SW-BST8 P30A Z91G
A53SD-SX203 G74SXRF-BBK11 P43E Z91L
A53SD-SX203V Grandio F7400 P43E-XH31 Z91N
A53SD-SX208V K40C P43E-XH51 Z94
A53SD-SX279V K40IJ P53E Z9400
A53SD-SX373V K40IN P53E-XH31 Z9400RP
A53SD-SX375V K40IP P53E-XS51 Z94L
A53SD-SX453V K42 Q301LA-BHI5T02 Z94RP
A53SD-SX490D K42F Q400A Z96
A53SD-SX550V K42J Q400A-BHI7N03 Z96F
A53SD-SX609 K42JC Q500A Z96J
A53SD-SX609V K42Jr Q500A-BHI5N01 Z96JF
A53SD-TS71 K42Jv Q500A-BHI7 Z96JH
A53SD-TS72 K43 Q500A-BHI7T05 Z96JP
A53SJ K43B Q500A-BSI5N04 Z96Js
A53SJ-SX349V K43BR Q501LA-BBI5T03 Z99 Series
A53SJ-SX395 K43BY Q502LA-BBI5T12 Z99Fm
A53SJ-SX479V K43BY-VX038D Q502LA-BSI5T14 Z99H
A53SJ-SX480 K43BY-VX039D Q550L Z99J
A53SJ-SX480V K43BY-VX048V Q550LF-BBI7T07 Z99Jc
A53SJ-SX791V K43E Q550LF-BSI7T21 Z99Jn
A53SJ-SX792V K43E-2410M Q551LN-BBI706 Z99Jr
A53SV K43E-3CVX R1E Z99Sc

Asus Laptop Battery Information
Find replacement Asus laptop batteries and chargers in stock and ready to ship at We have an excellent customer service and support team available to help you find the right replacement laptop battery for your Asus laptop. Also find high quality Asus laptop chargers, power adapters and accessories for your laptop at low cost prices.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Asus Laptop Batteries

Aftermarket Asus laptop batteries are available as a direct replacement for worn out Asus laptop batteries. Replacement Asus laptop batteries can be found on the Asus manufacturer Web site and aftermarket Asus laptop batteries can be found in our online store. The difference between aftermarket and OEM laptop batteries is that aftermarket laptop batteries cost less, include the most current battery technology, generally have a longer run time, and will perform equal to or better than OEM batteries. Our replacement Asus laptop batteries are 100% compatible, made with high quality Tier 1 internal materials, and use High Grade battery cells. Our Asus laptop batteries will maintain over 80% capacity after 500 discharge / charge cycles and meet strict industry requirements for Li-Ion cells, including various CE, UL, FCC, and RoHS safety and quality standards.

Asus Laptop Battery Specifications

There are two different laptop batteries offered for many specific Asus laptop models. Often you can find a standard capacity battery and an extended capacity Asus laptop battery. You can use either a standard capacity or high-capacity laptop battery as a direct replacement for OEM Asus laptop batteries. High-capacity laptop batteries provide a longer run-time when compared to OEM Asus laptop batteries. All aftermarket Asus laptop batteries from will have a mAh rating that is equal to or greater than the mAh rating of the OEM battery, which results in a battery that runs as long or longer than the original Asus battery. Voltage rating (measured in “V”) is also similar between OEM and aftermarket laptop batteries and will read between 10.8-14.4 volts. Asus laptop chargers are measured in watt-hours and range from 65W-120W.

Asus Laptop Charge and Discharge Rates: Laptop battery charge and discharge rates will vary for each Asus laptop model. It usually takes one to three hours to recharge a laptop battery, with 80% of the laptop capacity charged within the first hour. Laptop battery discharge rates will vary between models due to laptop power loads, battery capacity, battery health, and devices physically running from the laptop. Asus laptops can run for three or more hours on one charge, depending on the laptop model. Typical lifespan of an Asus laptop battery is two to three years with up to 300-500 charge discharge cycles.

Popular Asus Laptop Models

Popular Asus laptop models include the Asus B series, Asus F Series, Asus G series, Asus K series, Asus M series, Asus N series, and Asus U series laptop models. We carry replacement Asus laptop batteries, chargers, adapters and accessories for popular Asus laptop models on

If you have any questions on our Asus laptop batteries, chargers or need help in finding a specific battery for your laptop, please contact our sales and customer support. We also carry laptop batteries and laptop chargers for other manufacturers.

Other Devices for Asus

Asus Digital Cameras      Asus Cellular Phones      Asus General Purpose      Asus Netbook      Asus Tablet      Asus Ultrabook     

Can't find your Device?


To find Asus Batteries, Battery Chargers, Adapters, and Accessories select the model of your Asus laptop from the list above.

We're proud to offer quality products, the best prices and our 100% no questions asked Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Asus Batteries, Asus chargers, Asus adapters and accessories.

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